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Traffic rules are big dilemma
Traffic rules are big dilemma

Traffic rules are big dilemma

Today, I want to talk about something that makes me a little nervous. When I think about it I can’t make any sense from it. Traffic rules are a big dilemma.

Traffic laws are supposed to prevent accidents or at least lower its rate or its causalities. However, the reality shows otherwise.

Traffic rules reality is to collect money these days. Everything has a way to put tickets on it and collect money. There is one more problem, where does this money go?

Some traffic rules are actually against the purpose of rules. In some countries, when a car park in no parking areas the authorities put a stupid iron catcher on the wheel and let this car in this “no parking areas” for a longer time. The no parking areas existence is to prevent a bad thing, however, the traffic rules freeze it in the same place prolonging and increasing the possibility of this bad thing happening.

Chasing the high-speed cars is one amazingly stupid act. High speed might increase the accidents. Chasing high-speed cars will make the driver drive faster to avoid getting caught. So, the rule should care about the safety of other drivers. 

If high speed is not wanted on the roads, why the manufacturers are producing very fast cars that endanger our life. Is amusement very important? Do it in a race, not on the streets.

Now, the money collected should be for helping the accidents causalities and improving roads safety.

Traffic departments are profiting in this planet and that’s very weird for me. They are actually earning a decent amount of money using the rules they put.

However, it differs from country to another. Advanced countries are better, far better. Advanced countries have more computerized systems which make the roads safer and smarter. The smart road is a road you can drive on while being comforted.

Think a little about when you are driving the next time and try to figure out the reason for the certain traffic law. Then, try to observe how it is executed or may be used. 

Hoping this provided and value to you. Thanks a lot for reading my words.

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