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The smartest processor
The smartest processor

The smartest processor

The smartest processor is the title of this special post. Processing data and information may be one of top ten most important things -if not the most-

The smartest processor should be the one that gives the most accurate result, do you agree? Or is it the one that gives the best outcome? There is a difference.

The processor I am talking about is the brain. That’s because our brain is amazing and does things beyond the imagination of the most of us. The human brain is capable of changing the reality a little bit. You might not believe this, but it is true. One famous example of this change is related to colors.

Black inside white doesn’t appear dark enough and white inside dark don’t appear white enough. There is another thing called Makeline which appears in x-ray films. Our brain makes us think that there is a line between degrees of the same colors if put next to each other, which doesn’t exist.

Take a look at these

Why am I talking about this subject? Because of a very good reason for that. My own mind can deceive me in some way and we all are subjected to this inception. I think we must not be incepted even by Leonardo DiCaprio in his amazing movie, Inception.

This in my mind gives me an inclusion, we must not trust our thoughts completely and leave a little tiny window for other thoughts just to be examined just examined. I mean it, leave a small window to examine other thoughts. Especially the weird and new ones.

And that window will be your treasure. The treasure which Paulo Coelho in his famous novel Alchemist. And that’s where the smartest processor comes.

The smartest processor in the one that knows it isn’t perfect and leaves a window to reach perfectness. We should know that perfectness can’t be obtained which means that there is always a room for improvement.

The smartest processor must give accurate result while being very truthful without any deceiving. No “Inceptions” are allowed.

We can improve our brain capabilities by opening this very tiny window and examine what is coming through. The wider the window the smartest the processor will be.

You can be a Sherlock Holmes. No, you can be the one who wrote it, so, just think and be fair and always know a simple fact. Everybody can be wrong about something. And we all are everybody I can be wrong and that’s a blessing. 

Because I know I can be wrong, I am happy to know it and live accordingly. And yes I am bragging about it.

Thanks a lot for reading my thoughts. Hoping it passed the window for examination and processing by the smartest processor, your brain.


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