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What is the point
What is the point

What is the point

Hello and welcome to Today, we will talk about one important broad question. The answer is very important and we should think a lot about it. This question is what is the point?

We should ask ourselves what is the point of doing anything we are doing. The real point, not just a shallow thought. The real point of our job isn’t the salary, of course, not making the employer happy, not even increasing the sales.

In my opinion, the real point of anything in life is to make our life as human easier and better.

From the tiny things to the biggest things, we must try to do the best to achieve the point of perfection as much as possible.

We should eat well to be in our best health and shape. All people should do their best to their work. Doctors should do their best for the patient. A plumber should do his best for his customer and so on.

What is the point of being kind or smart or any other good trait? The point is to a better person and is able to live a better life.

We must always seek the real point and understand it. Then, take the steps in its direction.

There are few things which are tricky like politics. Politics is thought to be how to gain many things with the least losses not caring about the consequences on other countries. That isn’t the real point of politics. The real politics is how to make all sides profitable or at least accepting in a good way too, not by fake persuasion nor blackmailing nor any kind of pressure.

Which remind me with one of the best books I have read, the seven habits of highly effective people by Steven R.Covey

Putting all sides in your mind while desiring and trying to make them all profitable is a big leap toward huge success.

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