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My opinion is not actually mine
My opinion is not actually mine

My opinion is not actually mine

We all think that we are right about anything. However, this is totally wrong for a lot of reason. I can’t be always right nor wrong. Sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong.

Let’s talk about what I think is right. My opinions about everything is affected by a lot of things. Religion, psychology, birth place, social traditions, and many other things affect my thoughts and opinion. My life and my education affect my thoughts a lot. Higher education provides better thinking but not better results.

How I form my opinion?

My opinion is formed depending on my life experience. It depends on my standards and what I think is right. For example, if I believe that my religion is the only right one, I will always consider people with other religion to be wrong in their actions. If my religion specifies what I should wear, my opinion about different clothes will be affected.

So, my opinions are shaped by the basic principles in my mind. The problem is where these principles came from?

My principles -in most scenarios- are formed by the people I live with them. From the moment of birth, people around me are trying to put their thoughts in my head through the education system and by reward and punishment system. This happens when I am still a kid and can’t process thoughts. 

So, most of us actually didn’t form their own principles. They were already made for us and we live by it thinking that we made them.

Our basic principles differ from person to another because each of us was born in a different place for a different family and have different life experiences.

I was born to an Arabic family so I will speak Arabic. You can’t find a boy born in England and not speaking his family language. 

Now the important thing about all of this is when we grow up and can think for ourselves. The first thing we must do is reviewing our basic principles and trying to be fair and logic as much as possible. If we didn’t we will just be a number to count. 

A man with previously programmed basic principles is just one more human.

If I was born in a violent society, I will speak violence and vice versa. If I was born in a hungry society, I will kill for food.

This topic is really like the mobile software. We all are Android, but some have the latest version and some don’t even know the Android. It is not only about being updated, but we must have the choice to change our code when we want.

Most of our opinions are actually made by the social programming language. So, my opinions are mostly not mine. They were programmed by the society or politics or religion or a mix of all of them.

Setting these principles right is a big bliss. I hope we all take a moment and fix our Android bugs.

Thanks a lot for reading my opinion which may be not actually mine

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