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The opinion of the majority
The opinion of the majority

The opinion of the majority


Majority’s opinion/s don’t have to be true. It can be amazing stupidity.
The opinion of the majority can be one of the most stupid obstacles we can face in our journey.
The main point we may agree about is that the majority are not always right, but we don’t practice this idea in our behaviour.
For example, sometimes when we are arguing with someone we use the majority opinion as evidence that we right.
And here is a great equation for this majority. The majority might be right if only the society is doing great.
The majority of people living in third world countries are not good thinkers because if they were their country wouldn’t be a third world.
So if I am living in a third  world country – which is where u live – I would never depend in majority’s opinions.
So, in a simple term the current state of a country is a mere reflection of the thoughts of its majority.
What majority agrees on in a third world country is mostly wrong. So, please stop thinking like the majority because this will leave everything just like it is.
My country is living and will live in shit as we are thinking the same way and getting the same conclusion.
So, if anybody wanted to make a good difference, he must think outside the majority does. Otherwise, nothing will ever change.
On other hand, other good countries at least have more practical majority thoughts, that’s why they are doing better.
Country status equals majority’s thoughts.
Your ideas are like the majority means you are part of the problem ” in shitty countries”
In good countries, it’s might be OK to be thinking like the Majority but if you wanted more advancement you will need to think away from the majority.
And that’s how it goes.
Thinking is the most precious gift
Never waste it and share your thoughts


  1. Peggy Menke

    Hello, Mahmood. Wow, I never thought about the third world countries like that, but you’re right. Most of us do think like the majority. And it has to change, but where do we start? How do we help them change?

    1. admin

      I think we should start accepting the fact that we individually can be wrong then start to exclude our faulty thoughts from our life.

      However, it isn’t easy to help others in this problem as long as they think they are right about everything.

      The one without doubts is the most stupid ever.

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