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Stop And Care About What You Share
Stop And Care About What You Share

Stop And Care About What You Share


Never asked yourself about sharing something with other people !!!
Actually you should ask yourself about what you should share and what you should stop sharing. Also, you should think about this deeply to avoid getting deceived by other people shares. You should also set rules for sharing.
We share too many things but sadly most of our shares are useless. We share our photos at the beach. We share too many photos of ourselves which mostly isn’t so important and most people won’t care for the places I took pictures for myself at. We also share our daily news like it is important. I don’t want to surprise you, but your daily routine is not important to anyone – maybe except your beloved girlfriend/boyfriend or son or wife. So, you can directly tell them what are you doing. Don’t share your daily routine with all of your friends.
On the other hand, most of us never share useful and good stuff.
So, here are a group of things useful we could share:
  • 1 – We should share useful stuff to the people who need it. We should share food with the hungry, clothes with naked, help with challenged, money with poor. Share in here means giving a part of something you have to someone who is in need for it. And that is the actual meaning of sharing.
  • 2 – We should share most of our thoughts. Many of our thoughts might be helpful to someone or even to a whole society. So try hardly to share your useful thoughts. However, if you have a thought about bad thing to be good, save this thought to yourself. Put other people feeling, comfort, health in consideration. Meaning don’t share a thought that claim cigarettes or marijuana is good. Instead share a thought that help people to get rid of cigarettes and marihuana.
  • 3 – We should share our reviews of products, services we bought.
  • 4 – We should share illuminating stories and situations.
  • With one sentence. Please, share only good stuff.
Rules for sharing you should look out for
  • Most people or maybe everyone only share the good things he is doing. Everybody have secrets which contain stupid, bad, embarrassing actions. So, shares you read have only one side of the story ” the better part “. You could see many shares about someone doing great work and helping people but the truth is hidden and the reasons might be bad.
Share useful stuff and don’t get fooled by others’ shares.


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