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How To Quit Smoking The Easy Way
How To Quit Smoking The Easy Way

How To Quit Smoking The Easy Way


At First, I would like to say I’ve never smoked a cigarette. So, this isn’t from experience but from dealing with smokers daily as I know too many people who are smoking.
And from talking with them about smoking and listening and understanding their “smoking logic” and researching the subject, I came up with an easy way to quit smoking.
So, how to quit smoking the easy way?
There is one principle between all smokers. Nearly all smokers made a psychological link between smoking and comfort.
They feel comforted while smoking. And that’s the principle I wanna play.
So, the principle in “how to quit smoking the easy way” is to make smoking uncomfortable. Meaning psychologically link smoking to discomfort with very easy steps.
By setting very simple rules. And here are a few examples:
  • No smoking indoors: You have to step out to have your smoke without any consideration for weather and so on. You will have to smoke outside even it is very hot or freezing outside.
  • Where are my cigarettes: You can’t put your smokes so near to you, instead you will keep it at not easily grabbed place :). like somewhere high or under. So you have to get a chair and step on it or get down in your knees 🙂 to get your cigarettes.
  • Don’t take your cigarettes when you are going out: If you are going out with your friends, girl, family, alone you have to go out without your cigarettes. So, if you wanted to smoke you have to buy new smokes or ask for them.
  • Smoke in unfavourable moments: Psychologically link smoking to bad situations. So, you start unconsciously form hatred toward smoking.
  • Never carry a lighter: Which reduce the easiness of lighting your smokes 🙂
  • From time to time smoke an unlighted cigarette as it was lighted 🙂
  • Stay with some people you like and hate smoking longer times.
  • Smoke a brand you don’t like.
 how to quit smoking the easy way brands
Just break the cycle 🙂
Smoking as a habit needs holding something between fingers, putting it in a mouth, taking a breath from it, then exhaling, and watching the smoke going out.
Sometimes, you can see people who don’t smoke but putting a pen in their mouth while sucking air or watching vapour out from their mouth in cold days 🙂 too many people do this stuff 🙂
These what makes smoking a habit. It isn’t an addiction. So, you can quit smoking easily just by forming bad psychological link with smoking
I hope this give an incentive, ideas, practical easy way to quit smoking
Please engage with your ideas and thoughts 
Hoping in a world free from cigarettes
“dream that won’t come true :(“

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