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Politics In Few Words
Politics In Few Words

Politics In Few Words


Politics is ” basically ” a protocol used to rule a group of people in an area of land. But, must be in favour of all people in this area and simple.
So, you can’t say politics is bad or good thing but you can say there are too many bad politicians all over the world.
The problem isn’t in the politics itself, but politicians are the problem. All politicians objective in this world is to build the best country in the world, but sadly they forget the most important things. So, you will find that all human in the world somehow have big problems because of politics wherever they live.
Politicians care about economy, money, military, prestige, territory, and few other things. However, they never care about human. They never care about diseases but care how to make a profit from it.
Dictators actually can make a strong country with great economy but in most cases citizens will be miserable.
There are many ways to rule a country, but there is only one way to do it good. You only should take a decision in favour of all citizens, not for anything else.

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