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Resetting Mind And Thoughts
Resetting Mind And Thoughts

Resetting Mind And Thoughts


The moment we are born to life we start to observe and copy elder people as we still can’t utilize our brain abilities when we were kids.
But when we grow up and can use our minds to set our own rules in life we actually don’t.

Instead we mostly just act and behave the same way we saw older people act and that’s what can create habits and traditions and keep going on because we always learn them and continue doing it without ever questioning if it’s right or not.

And you can know for sure that’s happening nearly all time when you ask WHY ? and find no answer.
Try it and ask someone why are you doing or believing in this thing, he won’t be able to reply or give’s you a stupid cause.

However, it’s really important for everyone to form his own opinions and always test it.

There are a few things that can be done to form your own opinions:
First, questioning everything you knew in your whole life till now except the science facts.
Second, never asking somebody else because you think he is smarter than you. “think for you self”.
Third, nobody has the complete truth.
Fourth, anybody could be wrong.
Fifth, pure reason must be your tool. NOT reality nor politics nor economic. ONLY PURE REASON.
Sixth, your conclusions must be helpful for every human being not just for yourself.
Seventh, Always retest your Conclusions to keep them “up to date”.
Eighth, NEVER EVER take other people sayings without questioning and thinking.

Then try to reach the real meanings of our terminology:
What’s love? honesty? loyalty? kindness? justice? happiness?
because these words actually shape your life.

This whole process would make your life better and help you understand many things that you didn’t understand earlier.
How important do you think this is?

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