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Knowledge Fake Sources
Knowledge Fake Sources

Knowledge Fake Sources


We always want to grow our knowledge and culture, But sometimes we make big mistakes acquiring this knowledge.
here is a list of sources for knowledge:
  1.  We tend to think that people who talk on TVs are somehow right, but mostly they are stupid or deceiving us.
  2.  We tend to believe books authors and journalists are somehow right but also not true, they might be wrong or politically pushed to write.
  3.  Government media doesn’t care about truth, Only does what is favour of the government.
  4.  Privately owned media mostly care only about profit.
  5.  Philosophers, scientists, doctors, Ph.D. owners, Teachers not always right, they could be wrong at some things, so don’t believe everything they say.
  6.  Not all Sacred texts are right ” whatever your religion is”.
  7.  Prevalent behaviour is not right. It’s may be completely wrong. So, don’t act just like other people.
  8.  The people you respect don’t know everything, so don’t believe everything they say. They are just like other people.
  9.  People living with you, belong to your religion, your political view aren’t always right.
NEVER EVER give your mind to other people but use it and you will live much better and happier.

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