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Do We Need Guns ????
Do We Need Guns ????

Do We Need Guns ????


It’s very upsetting when I try to understand why people needed weapons for. However it’s very obvious, it’s made for fighting. So, why do we need to fight?
That’s when the smart politicians might say we need to defend our self, but nearly all weapons are designed to kill, so if they really want to protect whatever they want to protect they should built a protection device, not a killing machine.However, why these killing machines were built in the first place?
It’s obvious, it was built to kill not to protect.
Why the need to kill exist?
So the killer take the victim’s belongings, Why? I really don’t know.but I think the problem is that we still can’t live happily together, we still living like animals.So, the problem start with a really short-sighted group of people who wanted to increase the body count in some wars , so they gathered smart people to build a better and better killing machine and never considered the possibility that enemies will possess the same killing machine somewhere in the future and improve it to just kill more people.

Then the people who started building these weapons realized that they can’t stop the weapons production cause now everyone has guns. So, they think that guns can only be fought with guns.

Meaning the circle of weapons creation continue, also improved and innovated.

But when I give a second thought I find I need to to save myself from guns not to fight it. Meaning I need some protective device not attacking device. If I really care about humanity I should defend myself without hurting or indirectly hurting other people by being in the weapons circle.

So, we can come with a real conclusion for what’s happening on this planet.
Some people need to kill some people for a reason, so they need a weapon, then others will need a weapon to kill others who might kill them, so it’s a very old saying” kill or be killed”

Which mean the problem isn’t in the weapons but in the reason needed to kill. I believe that nearly nothing should be considered a reason to kill a human. Why nearly? because alpha criminals should be killed in my opinion, but not with guns?

What I need to say is that we should stop wanting to kill other people as there are no reasons to kill any human and I will never understand why there are countries and armies. We should be living in one big planet not in small multiple countries fighting each other for money.

At last what I really think keep weapons manufacturing and trading going is money. It’s really very profitable so stupid people will always be convinced and manipulated to think they have to kill or fight some people here or there.
Animals are really more decent than human.


  1. jerry

    Hmm, You do understand that weapons have been around for thousands of years, and not just in the modern industrial age. right. As well as war. There will always be people like Ghengis (not sure if I spell that right) Kahn or others who will try to subjugate people or take what they have because they are bigger or stronger or have weapons. The 2nd Amendment, to the US constitution (right to bear arms) was put there for a reason. The US (or rather, the colonies in what is now the US) had just had a revolution to throw off the heavy handed actions of the British government, and the fact that everyone had guns that they were proficient with (hunting for their food) was instrumental in them being able to do this. So almost 250 years ago the decided that Americans should always have the right to bear arms, in case the government, or an outside entity got out of control again. This comes with risk, as we just saw in Louisiana, but it is a right this country is built upon.
    One could say that in our enlightened age, that this is no longer needed. I say there are still predators out there, and we must be ready and able to defend ourselves and our country.
    I understand what you are saying that killing is wrong and that the cycle needs to be stopped. I agree. I choose not to raise my weapon again another human being unless it is a last resort. But to set the weapons aside and depend on your fellow humans to do the same and not take advantage is just silly. The cat is out of the bag.
    We can choose not to participate in the arms race. There are people out there who think they need certain weapons or a certain number of weapons because of advertising, and marketing. I agree that is silly as well. We should know what we need and have that. But we do not need an outside entity like the government to tell us what we need or how much. Does that mean there are people out there with ridiculous amounts of weapons? Probably, but again, this is a risk of living in a free society.
    Sorry, I probably shouldn’t lecture, but I get a little touchy about individual freedoms.

    Now if you are from another country, and we are sending weapons over, and ‘assuming’ we are sending them to the right people, and making more of a mess, you are absolutely right. That should stop. I think we are a little too free handed with messing with the internal affairs of other countries, and, by not fully understanding the situation, we create greater problems. And that is probably driven by weapons manufacturers, which is just shameful.


    1. admin

      I agree with what you said. Everybody must defend himself and it would be silly not to.

      But the problem is about politicians who are responsible for the war in the first place. Every society has to defend itself.

      And the worst are the manufacturers who build killing machines for profits.

      People should stop walking behind some insane leaders fantasies. We must stop supporting the people thinking in dominating the worlds and building empire and that sort of insanity like we did in war world. We must stop fighting on resources and start to share.

      And most importantly, those insane lunatics who think they should rule, conquer, etc must be locked away ASAP. And build a few strong protection technologies to keep them and their ideas from reaching us.

      And that’s it. And I actually know it will keep going, but I hope someday we as humans will grow up and stop fighting over possessions and ideas like kids.

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