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Purpose Of Education
Purpose Of Education

Purpose Of Education

Education isn’t just an important subject to talk about at TV talk shows or to include in the election agenda. Education is the most important thing we must do to others. The more advanced the education system, the more advanced the country will be.

That doesn’t entirely mean that the purpose of education is to take the country a little higher between the advanced country. 

In my opinion, The purpose of education should be about;

  • Solving any problem we face.
  • Avoiding any problem we might come across.
  • Do anything faster, easier, and better.

These three are the main purpose of education -I think-

The common part about those three purposes are thinking. So, the education system must teach us how to think efficiently, logically, and deeply.



That was about the real purpose of education and what the education systems should aim for.

However, many countries in our world don’t look at education like this. The purpose of education in these countries are very different from the previous words. At most of those countries, education purpose is to help the students get higher degrees in exams.

And it’s funny that we found few students are actually getting these higher degrees while others aren’t. That mean that this fake purpose isn’t even done well. 🙂


That bring us to what to be teached and how to test the students.

Educational curricula should be picked wisely for certain sets of goals. It should be picked appropriate for the students age and capabilities to raise those students to be great men when they grew up.

Testing students isn’t to know how well they can study but to make sure if they already learned what’s important or not. So, the questions must be choosed wisely, asking for the answers that must be answered to pass. For example, you can’t learn any language before learning its letters. You can’t teach advanced physics to students who don’t understand the gravity. You can’t teach medicine to students who don’t know the anatomy.

So, the fundamentals and basics must be teached first and its tests must be done well. The questions must be the ones that its answers must be known by the students. If a student doesn’t know the answer of these questions, he can’t pass that test.


So, the real purpose of education is to build great thinkers in life and in their field of work. Education can’t let people who can’t do their job pass. Education purpose is to give birth to successful people who can critically think and don’t just follow the major trends.


Has any thought about education?

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