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Charles Darwin Theory Evolution – Unfair Depates
Charles Darwin Theory Evolution – Unfair Depates

Charles Darwin Theory Evolution – Unfair Depates

We will give a simple idea about the thought behind Charles Darwin Theory Evolution and when I heard about it the first time and what was the first impression, then we will discuss few unfair talks about Charles Darwin Evolution Theory.


The first time I heard about evolution was in secondary school where we were teached about it in biology and because of our strong Islamic belief in Egypt, we were underestimating what Charles Darwin theory evolution has to tell. Our teachers always told us to never consider what is said in this theory and that we should study it just for the sake of the exams. All of our teachers were telling us that this is a stupid theory and we can’t take what this Charles Darwin is saying in his theory evolution seriously and they were making fun of this theory. All due to our religious belief.

So, most of us -naturally- thought badly of this theory and made a big and deep belief that it is completely wrong theory and that Charles Darwin was some mad scientist. And now the biggest proportion of the people who say this is a stupid theory are the Muslim countries. Very very few Muslim say good things or a truth about evolution. Most of them say it is the most stupid thing without even reading the actual words of Charles Darwin theory evolution.

That was my background about evolution.


While growing up and seeing other developed countries who are the first in science, I started to see that the people who believe this evolution in these advanced countries are more than my country. I saw that evolution is dealt with respectfully, not like we do in my country. So, I tried to search about it a little more.


Base of Charles Darwin theory Evolution

  • The word I heard a lot, natural selection, which means that nature don’t stay on one state forever. Nature changes, climate changes too. So, these changes can be favorable for some species and unfavorable for some others.
  • The animate who get favorable natural condition will gain power and increase in numbers while the ones who get unfavorable condition will have to adapt to survive, otherwise it will be extinct.
  • And that is very logical because there are extinct species. They became extinct because they couldn’t adapt to the changes happened to nature.
  • Now, the debates are about the ones who can adapt and survive in unfavorable conditions. Those have to make a change to survive. This is also logical and many proofs are available for this kind of change. There is adaptation now and it is very clear. For example, micro-organisms are evolving to survive under the unfavorable conditions we put them under with antibiotics.
  • So, it’s unfair, unlogical to deny adaptation which is a little part of evolution.
  • There are other selections that happened by factors other than nature according to Charles Darwin. These other factors are to clarify the change of things that isn’t related to survival like the different coloration of certain birds and other bizarre-looking animals.
  • All these previous points should be logical -I think- and I believe them. The problem is about the change from a species to another. Charles Darwin theory evolution tells that mammals evolved from fish and this part of the theory is making the problem of approval and disapproval of the theory.


From species to another

  • This is where the long endless debates start. Evolutionists say it happened un evolutionists say it can’t happen.
  • Un evolutionists ask for an observable evidence of a species turning to another and evolutionist replying changes from a species to another take millions of years and it is impossible to get an animal who lived in between two species. Evolutionists add that it is very very slow transaction and there is no in between creatures to observe.
  • But, that isn’t satisfying un evolutionists who ask for an observable evidence in this case.
  • The majority of un evolutionist are believing in good and no observable evidence can be obtained in this case too and this talk us inside an unending loop. Un evolutionists ask for an observable evidence of a creature living between two different species -which doesn’t exist- and evolutionists ask for an observable evidence of god existence -which doesn’t exist too- 🙂


Now, lets talk about the unfair debates

  • I’ve recently watched a video in which the interviewer were asking about Charles Darwin theory evolution and he was against the theory. So, he -in his intention- was trying to corner the people who are believing the theory. In the end, he asked for “the observable evidence of a transition from a species to another” which doesn’t exist. And this is a trial to show that the people who believe the theory are illogical and never consider to think about the evidence he is asking for. Nobody gave him the evidence he wanted -because it doesn’t exist- then he told them that they are blindly believing the theory. And that’s really unfair argument.
  • Observable evidence isn’t the only way to say this is true or false. There are many types of evidence.
  • It upsets me when I see both sides looking down on each other. I hope that both of them will respect each other thoughts, logic, and humanity. We must stop looking down on who are disagreeing with us.


Personally, I think that there is no perfect theory and Charles Darwin theory evolution should be respected without overestimating. All rules have exceptions. That’s my own thought about it. 


Hoping that my words here were interesting 🙂


  1. Jovo

    Interesting text, this is something that will remain a hot topic forever. You mentioned ‘other factors than nature’ that cause coloration of certain birds and other bizarre-looking animals. You did not elaborate, but I think is is also related to nature, like mating; male birds with great colors are attractive for females. So this is easy to explain, if this is what you have in mind. Many thanks.

    1. admin

      Yeah, that’s what I had in mind. And that how the beautiful and dancing birds evolved “to impress the female 🙂 “. We -men- aren’t trying this hard to impress our females 🙂 🙂

      Charles Darwin came up with a great theory that deserves respect. I respect Charles Darwin theory evolution a lot without overestimating. I think that an exception will arise -just like any theory or law- . I think he was a great and honest man.

  2. Chris

    I have actually studied this in college a bit (Major in Psychology). I have my doubts about the theory, but I also have my reasons to believe that this theory is correct.

    On one hand, I want to say, where did we really start? Was it the ‘Big Bang Theory,’ or was it something else? How would the Big Bang of happened if there was some else out there in the universe? How did the universe begin? What created what ever created the universe? We could go on forever, but there is no doubt something there that is more powerful than us. This is where one could believe that a higher power put us here. EX: God putting Adam and Eve on the planet (certain religions).

    We don’t know any other this in fact. We can only develop theories.

    Oh the other hand, we have to look at our features in comparison to certain mammals. Now I don’t quite believe that fish turned into mammals, but then again these are all educated theories.

    We have many characteristics that relate to that of an ape, monkey, etc.

    For example, the tail bone of a human.
    -Why would we have a place for a tail to of attached?
    -Why do monkeys have some of musculature and hunting characteristics?
    -Why are monkeys and apes seemingly becoming smarter as time goes on?
    -Are we currently witnessing an evolution before our very eyes, but being too ignorant to the details?

    These are all things to keep in mind. We will all have our own theories, some uneducated, and some of us educated. It doesn’t matter, as long as we know our history.

    Pardon me for writing a blog post on your comment section!

    1. admin

      It’s a great comment and you don’t need to apologize for expressing your opinion.

      About the evolution theory, I understand that nothing is perfect and it has exception and flaws and can’t explain anything about the beginning.

      Both Evolution and Big Bang are trying to explain the development -theoretically- but nothing about how it started.

      And yeah, we have our own view for things. I think evolution is a truth but for certain limits. I don’t think that all life came from each other by evolution only. Some other creature came by a different mean.

      Thanks for your comment

  3. adam

    hi there,
    I found this article interesting especially since your a Muslim and seem to be supporting the theory as opposed to the majority as you say.
    Since most evolutionists don’t believe in god because there is no observable evidence, why do they support the theory of evolution for which there is also no observable evidence?
    Seems pretty unfair to me, your wrong because there’s no evidence, but were right even though we don’t have evidence either.
    Also you said that observable evidence isn’t the only type of evidence to prove what’s true or false, but there’s many others. could you tell us what they are?

    1. admin

      The same, God existence isn’t observable. That’s on the side of religion.

      Galileo talking about the earth being a ball wasn’t observable, but a truth.

      We believe that all planets are balls, but we didn’t observe all of them.

      We don’t observe many physical powers, but we feel their effect.

      We can’t live if we only believed in what we observed or had a personal experience with – I think –

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  4. LakanDula

    Interesting read, and while I’m not the religious person, I was never into the Charles Darwin debate either. Here in Indiana, while the state is conservative, it’s not as conservative as the South (like Mississippi). In fact, where I live it’s very liberal and it’s the exact opposite, normally we ridicule people who don’t believe in the Darwin theory. Though I stress, I don’t take sides in it. It’s interesting seeing those from a person of Muslim background, because normally in America, people tend to focus on Christian viewpoints, I had a co-worker who was also of Muslim upbringing.

  5. Joon

    I think it’s awesome that despite of dominant beliefs that surround you, you had the ability to think out of the box. And I like how you don’t stand so strong on one belief but you give your space for other people’s opinions as well. Scientists can be very rigid and adament about their own beliefs as well and refuse to see possibilities of others and limit themselves. But I really like that you pointed out how we should respect and be open to others’ beliefs as well instead of just looking down on them.

  6. ches

    Hi there and what an interesting debate on the theory of evolution. It is quite a coincidence that my husband and I were discussing this very theory whilst watching the numerous birds in our garden. Why? Because we noticed that one species of bird was changing it’s feeding habits in front of our eyes.
    The humble chaffinch is known to be a ground feeder and for a year or two, all our chaffinches only fed from the ground, this was the same for the green finches as well.
    This year they have started to try and land on the feeders in the tree. They have made numerous attempts and recently we have noticed that some of them have succeeded and are now using the feeders more than ground feeding. A couple of the green finches have also got the hang of the tree feeders.
    I think this is a prime example of a species learning something new, probably by observing other birds like blue tits and great tits who tend to use the feeders. These birds will now teach their offspring to feed from the tree feeder. They now have a choice of taking feed from the ground or using a feeder, a prime example of adapting and evolving. Ches

  7. Chrid

    I saved this page a couple years ago telling myself I would one day read it. I just read it today and I wish I had back then! Very interesting, the difference many folks views take on not only evolution but also on many other aspects of life is bewildering. On what basis does Islam discredit Charles Darwin?

    “ Chris

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