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Why do people smoke?
Because -” sorry to say this “- they are stupid and got deceived by other people.
The story
Someone  invented cigarettes and somehow liked it then someone or the same guy thought in earning profits from it, but HOW? nobody knows about it, so nobody will buy it.
That’s where the brilliant idea came in. Let’s make a fake need ” let’s make people believe it does something good and convince them by all means “
And very surprisingly they convinced people that cigarettes help them to control nervousness which is actually a myth, but they did convince people with many things.
So, when you ask someone why do you smoke? You will never get convincing answer simply because he was deceived that cigarettes do something good.
Cigarettes only destruct health and consume money.
So, why this industry exists?
Because it’s very profitable for too many people. It’s profitable for people directly working in this industry, merchants, markets, government by taxes, medical institutions as smokers get sick and pay for medical services, governments, and more. It’s really very profitable.
So, is there a way to stop this harmful industry from continuing?
There is a way, but I still don’t know it because it’s difficult to go against those many people money profiting from it.

What do you think of cigarettes?

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