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Mind Power
Mind Power

Mind Power

Our mind has a lot of capabilities and we can increase our mind power. The best gym to go to is the one that will increase your brain power.

The human brain has a huge space for improvement. There are a lot of exercises to strengthen our brain power. We will try to open this door in this post.

Hello and welcome at In this post, we will discuss the steps to upgrade our human brain. Our goal is to form solid opinions and ultimately live a better life.

So, the first step is listening,

  • It is not only about listening, it is about using all our senses to receive new information and scanning them.
  • Information is what our decisions and life depend on, so, we must make sure that the information that shapes our basic principles is right and solid or we will be living a lie. A lot of people are living many different kinds of lies.
  • When we hear or read something, we must keep our minds wide open to receive and analyze this coming information. Listening with a closed mind is not listening at all.
  • An open mind without analysis is pure stupidity and makes us just mindless followers of a leader who might be stupid.
  • So, the first step is to listen and analyze while keeping in mind that anybody can be right or wrong.

The second step in building our basic principles,

  • Our basic principles depend on our earlier life from birth to this moment. An American citizen has a very different view of right and wrong from a third-world country citizen due to many differences in education, life luxury, food, the majority opinion, and more.
  • So, we must recheck our main ideas and basic principles. This needs a lot of help from experienced people who were successful in most of their life fields. People who were successful in work and social while being healthy and happy.
  • For more insight into basic principles read this post
  • I would like to recommend one psychologist for this step. Erich Fromm wrote great words about this.
  • Always be fair in this step. Our religion, philosophy, political views, and moral standards aren’t the only right ones out there and we can’t be right about all of them at the same time. Most importantly we must have something wrong because we are human. That brings one of my favorite posts, DOUBTS which is a good thing.

These first two steps will give you the ability to notice that something is not right. You will start noticing the faults in most life systems, from work to social traditions, and political nonsense. Now, you want to solve those problems and try to change those social traditions. Political nonsense will stay right there unless you are a president 🙂

The third step is exercising our brain

  • We can increase our brain power by exercising it to solve different types of riddles. We will discuss three types of riddles.
  • Mathematics riddles are purely about numbers. The answer to these riddles is always a number. Those riddles will improve our mental ability to deal with numbers which is very important to our buying and selling activities and most of our deals in life. Being comfortable with numbers makes us sharper to detect intended or spontaneous mistakes so no loss for the buyer or the seller.
  • Logic riddles are always about logical thinking and making deductions and reasonings. Those riddles will increase our brain power to detect people’s lies, behaviors, and out-of-place abnormalities.
  • Logic-mathematics riddles are between both types. We need both logical thinking and deductions while being good at numbers to solve them.
  • Here are examples of those types of riddles

I guarantee you a greater mind taking those steps. Every step alone put a brick on the wall. But, the wall won’t be built with one brick. What do you think?

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