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Riddles are the best brain exercise you can do. We will discuss different types of riddles and give some famous and greatest riddles ever made.

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Firstly, the math riddles, math riddles are very good way to make anyone sharp in dealing with numbers. I loved math riddles since I was a little kid and I still love them a lot and love facing new math riddles and I solve most of them.

This made me comfortable with numbers and can detect miscalculations easily and that comes handy. I can start with easy riddles then intermediate riddles then the hardcore riddles. Starting with difficult riddles will get me bored.

Now for the examples

  • x=0.5y ,  z=0.25x , z+x=y-3  how much is x,y,z
  • A farmer was asked how much animals you have. He said all are goat except eight, all are sheep except six, all are cow except four, how much cow, sheep, goat he has.
  • 18 years ago, a father age was triple his son, now he is double, how old are they
  • A number between 40 and 50 divided into four numbers, 1stx2=2ns+2=3rd-2=4th/s. What’s the number?


Secondly, Logic riddles, logic riddles are the best way to improve your mind power for deduction and reasoning which is a very important thing in this life.

Let’s get our hand dirty with examples

  • Three guys entered a dark room where there three yellow hats and two rad hats. Every guy wore one and they got out. No one can see his own hat. The first was asked what color are you wearing, he didn’t know. The second was asked and he also said I don’t know. The blind was asked and he said I am wearing yellow and he was right. How did he know? they know everything about the five hats.
  • 12 coins, one is fake, the fake one has a different weight. with an old fashion to side weighting device how can you determine the fake coin using the weighting device three times only and telling the fake coin was heavier or lighter?
  • Her is a very cheap book with a lot of logic puzzles


Thirdly, riddles that need both of your math and logic and here are some examples

  • ten + two = n42w   put the right numbers instead of the letters without assumptions. Do it with deductions only.
  • donald + Gerald = Robert
  • cross + roads = danger
  • ten + ten + forty = sixty


There is one famous riddle to add.

The Einstein Riddle

  • The British live in red house
  • The Sweedish has a dog
  • The Danish drinks tea
  • The green house is on the left of the white one
  • The green house’s owner drinks coffee
  • The one who smokes Pall Mall has birds
  • The yellow house’s owner smokes Dunhill
  • The one in the center house drinks milk
  • The Norwegian owns the first house
  • The one who smokes Blends is next to the one who has a cat
  • The one who has horses is next to the Dunhill smoker
  • BlueMaster smoker drinks beer
  • The German smokes Prince
  • The Norwegian is next to the blue house
  • Blends smoker has a neighbor who drinks water

Now the question, Who owns a fish. Nobody does the same as his neighbors. He said 98% of people won’t be able to solve it 🙂

Hope this was interesting


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