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Mentality – Understanding myself – The beginning
Mentality – Understanding myself – The beginning

Mentality – Understanding myself – The beginning

The first step when I try to improve anything is to know where I stand. So, we will try to get a better understanding of the current state we are in.

Actually, we can go one step further 🙂

Before my existence, there was nothing to know, feel, or improve. There was just nothing. Back then, I had nothing to choose or try. I mean I didn’t choose my parents. I didn’t choose my birthplace. I didn’t choose my language.

A lot of things that change a lot of things about myself and yourself weren’t actually my choice, nor yours.

That is the step before the first step 🙂

Now, Let’s move to the first step

Sadly, we don’t have a lot of choices in this step too. The capability of making a choice comes later 🙂

After I was born, I was faced with the tradition of the people living in my birthplace. We all are faced with that. Our parents and family members do their best to put their ideals in our brains. Actually, if they could do it physically by opening our skulls and pouring their life philosophy into our philosophically depraved brains, they would.

Folks, I was born a few minutes ago and you are trying to do your religious traditions on me. Come on, folks. Give me a break. I am literally trying to grasp a breath here.

Since I was not able to talk back then. They never heard and they kept doing it regardless of the difficulties I was having breathing. These folks might also get into arguments about what they should pour into my little brain. And, I am screaming “Cool down folks, I will give everybody the chance to pour something of his brilliant thoughts. Just let me focus on breathing for the time being”

But, as you know my buddy, I was having a tough time breathing. Hence, the talking.

That is what most of our families try to do for their lovely new kid. And that is from the bottom of their heart for my sake. They want me to grow up a sane man and a good person. Just like themselves.

The truth about the first moments

After my delivery on this charming blue-green planet and joyful life in a lovely neighborhood. Everyone will see me as a vessel for his amazing thoughts about life. Everybody is a philosopher. Myself included 🙂

We all can somehow talk about what is right and wrong in the work of the most famous philosopher. Of course, this applies to all of the people in my neighborhood. Everyone will do his best to teach me something. 

And I am still an empty vessel. So, I am trying to fill my brain with their data. The switch here is a little different. I didn’t just fill my brain with everything I was told. That’s not how our brains work.

Our brain wants to see the thoughts in action. Our brain will choose the thought that gives a win. Let’s elaborate on that.

In a violent society, Our brain will get used to violence and see it as a winner. And the more violent you can be, the more wins you will get. That’s when I remember the peaceful guy in my violent society who was trying to teach me his peaceful thoughts. But, he was always getting kicked in the aaaass 🙂 There is no peace here old man.

This is not only about violence and peace. It is about everything. This is about everything in my neighborhood.

It is about my neighborhood’s religion, tradition, language, clothes, hairstyle, marriage system, education, sex, and love. It is really about everything. And every neighborhood has its own way of these things. My neighborhood doesn’t have the truth, he has a way of living that is different than your neighborhood’s way of living and we both are focused on proofing the righteousness, integrity, and profound understanding of our neighborhoods. 

Now, The outcome

What we have discussed earlier will result in the current state of everyone. It will shape our thoughts, religion, traditions, love, respect, and every other thing.

Everything we come across since the moment of birth will shape everything about myself and yours. And we didn’t choose most if not all of it.

Now, we have a choice and we can choose for ourselves. However, you might be convinced. And that’s when you and I should search the web for people with the most bizarre tradition and they think life can’t go on without it.

Actually, I will search for a video with bizarre communities here for us to be sure that birthplace and neighborhood can have an astonishing effect on our personalities and life philosophy. 


I am just trying to say that our personalities and life philosophy are products of our birthplace and social beliefs. Our personality is not actually ours 🙂 And most of the arguments we get in, we are defending the opinion of our society, NOT OUR OPINION.

So, we MUST start shaping our opinions ourselves.

Till next time 🙂

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