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True love exist, does it? Let’s see
True love exist, does it? Let’s see

True love exist, does it? Let’s see

The truth about true love 🙂

It is a massive struggle to differentiate between what is true and what is real. So, we will have to distinguish before going for loooooove.

Real thing refers to the reality and how it is working already.

True thing refers to how it is supposed to be.

And most importantly, there is a good trick. So,keep reading 🙂

So, what is the real love that we already practice every day, assuming it has existence to begin with. Every time we talk about love we always think in our spouses and boy/girl friends. I want to say this isn’t love. This is completely different thing. This is romance and that is the first trick.

They were mixed together, for monetary reasons 🙂 LOVE IS THE WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BIGGEST BUSINESS EVER. That is clear if you looked for how much you paid for romance thinking that it is love.

True love stands for doing the best you can do to any one to make his life easier and try really hard make them happy and avoid hurting them by any way. This is supposed to be the only way to trade any being on this lovely blue planet.

Clearly, that is FAAAAAAR away from being real. So, true love is not real at all.

Hah, our romantic relations needs that love and romance and responsibility. And that can’t be named with love. Love is universal emotion. True love diminishes any hatred from hearts, If it existed of course 😉

So, We can say if we know the true love, we would never hated any body and then never hurt them. But, in reality we killed each other so many times over a peace of land. We can’t feel the looove YET.

This is how love is supposed to be. That’s is true love which isn’t real as we said already 😉

Real love is only concerned with your loved ones 🙂 In reality, we think we should love our relatives and partners and friends only. That’s not true but so real.

I will do any thing to defend my relatives even if they are the worst scums. This real love is a big problem. It really disturb our sight. It makes a little crazy and delusional.

We love our nation and fellow citizens and would kill for them. But we didn’t choose our birthplace and our nationality. However, we still do any thing wrong for them and blaming love for it 🙂

True love

  • For every body
  • Doesn’t approve harmful actions
  • diminishes hatred
  • Makes us human

Real love

  • For loved ones only 🙂
  • Can approve harmful actions
  • Does hand in hand with hatred
  • Makes us scums

Now, time for last trick which we already wrote. Real love is a bad thing. So, really stop loving any thing. And truthfully, start your journey of love.

I always say, LOVE is the ultimate cure. Truthfully, LOVE can make wonders and solve any problem. But, It is a real hurdle 🙂

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