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Masternet is a new crypto project with a great goal in my opinion. It is a community project of Akasic Global. Now let’s dig in Masternet.

At first, I want to say that I liked the design of Masternet website a lot. It is cool and very similar to the Akasic Global website which is a good idea. They both have this cool rotating crypto planet.


The idea

  • In 2018 after the great explosion of the crypto world in 2017, a lot of people entered the crypto arena and a lot of crypto projects were born. But, it was too much. More than 5,000 crypto projects aroused in the first half of 2018. That gave birth to a lot of rubbish projects and a lot of scammers who are making nothing but initial coin offering and collecting thousands and some time millions of dollars and then do nothing. In this mess, a lot of good ideas couldn’t see the light due to this massive number of projects. That’s where Masternet came with the idea of building a community to help build good and successful crypto projects.
  • And that idea gave birth to Masternet itself. As we said earlier, Masternet is a community project of Akasic Global.
  • Masternet will use the same idea to build a strong and big crypto community to aid in building real crypto projects.


This word crypto reminds me of the new Marvel movie, Ant-man and the Wasp. We are adding the word crypto to everything and they were adding the quantum to everything 🙂


Masternet goals

  • As we said earlier, Masternet is building this community and they already put their goals. They are aiming to build a 50 million user community. And put their coin in the top ten coins.
  • I hope they will do it because I like the idea and will join this community and get the help to build the crypto project I am thinking of.


Masternet have a nicely done ecosystem with a lot of divisions. They have a lot of “AKA”s 🙂

The father was Akasic global. The sons are Akatrade, Akamess, Akaplay, Akapot, Akacard, Akapay, Akastore, and Akamining. They were put in a cool design on the website like a star with planets surrounding it.


Now, let’s talk about their token details


Masternet success

  • In my point of view, I see Masternet as a successful project. That’s because it already got listed at CoinMaketCap. It is already trading at multiple exchanges. You can find those exchanges at CoinMarketCap.
  • Masternet already made a lot of the work and their ecosystem will be integrated in the first quarter of 2019.
  • They have already published their Akamess APP


There are more great things about Masternet and I want to talk about one of them. Masternet is the one of the very few with very good and fair bounty program with a monthly payment and already listed token. And that is very hard to find.

Now, I am leaving you with the Akasic Global introduction video


Masternet official website:

Akasic Global Official website:

Whitepaper: Masternet WhitePaper  / Akasic Network WhitePaper

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