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HubrisOne is a new payment system depending on blockchain technology like a lot of new projects today. However, HubrisOne is a little different in many ways. In this post, we will try to take a good look at it.

Visite HubrisOne website:

Bitcointalk ANN thread:

HubrisOne says that they will change the way we access and use cryptocurrency and many more things. The concept is to link a bank account to HubrisOne app. Through the app, you can use your credit to send payments regardless of what your credit type. So, you can send a Bitcoin to someone who is asking for Dollars or Ethers. So, it’s saving you the time and the extra fees you will pay for the exchanges. That really can be good. 

I use a windows phone so, I won’t be able to make a review for the app. When it is published 🙂 It is coming soon.

Let’s look at their promo video

The narrator’s voice is very strange, but who I am to talk. English is not my native, so you can find a lot of mistakes in my posts. Except that it is five video, but could be better.


So, let’s summarize HubrisOne in few sentences

  • Download the App when it is published “soon”. It is will be better if you ordered their Visa Debit card when it’s out. Then make a lot of transactions smoothly without spending your time or money in exchanges and fees.
  • You will receive 50% of the exchange fees when you pay by HubrisOne token “HRBS”
  • Receive 1% cashback in HBRS tokens each time you use your card in-store or online.
  • Access blockchain DApps and more with HubrisOne partner marketplace.


Join the Telegram group:


Now the good part

The service fees 🙂

HurbisOne fees


The Token Metrics

HurbisOne token Metrics

Token Name: Hubris “HBRS”

Token Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)

Total Fixed Supply Allocation: 1 Billion

Smart Contract Address: 0x432555e5c898f83fc5f00df631bd9c2801fea289


How to INVEST?

You can buy the token through ICO which is to be determined.


You can get shares of the company at for 10$ minimum which will get you HBRS tokens too.



There are good things about HurbisOne

  • The company is registered in the UK and its number is 11529615
  • They are thinking about what they are doing not just an ICO like other projects. They are giving it a lot of thoughts.
  • Very well made bounty program. The first bounty with weekly payments. You will know how many tokens you will get for your weekly participation with greatly organized spreadsheets. Visit the bounty here:


What I didn’t like about them

  • Their website is scrolling for eternity and loading for eternity and has a hilarious mistake.
  • I was finalizing the post and found that their white paper is on google drive!
  • Here is a weird example. They published an unfinished update for the website and I was there at the moment 🙂




I think that is a great project with a great idea that is realistic and applicable and they have done the good thinking and that made me trust them and made me write about them.



HubrisOne links


White Paper




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