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How to earn crypto currency without investment
How to earn crypto currency without investment

How to earn crypto currency without investment

This whole crypto thing has become big. According to the coin market cap, there are 85 billion dollars in value exchanged daily at crypto exchanges. And that is the recorded exchanges. There are more than 7500 crypto projects out there. So, we all should take a piece of that pie. All of that and it is not mainstream yet.

A lot of possibilities were born with the emergence of Bitcoin. This Satoshi guy gave birth to a lot of new value to be created. The value of bitcoin these days is about 250 billion dollars according to the coin market cap. All of that value was created nearly from nothing.

With this creation, a lot of value has been created and distributed to a lot of people. This 250 billion are distributed between many crypto-users. That is the market cap of Bitcoin alone.

So, we should try to get a piece of that pie. Of course, I love getting that piece with the least investment possible. So, let’s start writing and reading a few words about how to do it.

Firstly, Airdrops. Each new crypto project needs a lot of attention and to be well known. So, most of these projects hold rounds of airdrops, where they get the attention of a lot of people by giving some coins for free. And all that’s needed for that is your social accounts.

Just a few likes, shares, subscribes, and that’s it. Air drop alert is a great updated list with active airdrops. Check it from time to time and join as much as you can.

Secondly, Bounties. This is where the projects use the strength of social media by asking for shares and tasks to promote the project. And they will later distribute some coins to users who joined in bounties.

You can also keep an eye on bounties alert and bitcoin talk forum for these projects.

After joining these projects, don’t run for changing to money and take them away. You can use what you got from these airdrops and join trading competitions held on famous exchanges.

In conclusion, you just need your social accounts, Ethereum address, and Tron address. Then, go to airdrop alert and bounties alert and do what you can.

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