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How To Make Money At Home
How To Make Money At Home

How To Make Money At Home

Well, it could be awesome to make money at home while sitting on your bed. It’s more awesome if you can do it by using a laptop. Making money at home has many advantages “I know what you feel :)” but it has some disadvantages too, like anything in our life.

Anybody can start his own business from his home and it is much easier in advanced countries. Your business can be online only, offline only, or a combination.

We will discuss some ways to make money at home hoping it will be beneficial and satisfactory 🙂

There is a very important rule, know what you can do and start doing it.

How to make money at home “offline”

1- Build your own product

  • Recognise your talents and start making your own products. Just like painters and writers, they draw or write their own products. 
  • I saw many videos about many people who are building their own products and selling it in near stores. I saw people building skating boards, chairs, and many other cool things. They knew what they can do and started doing it.

2- Provide your service

  • If you are skilled with something, start your own garage. If you are skilled with smart phones and laptops, provide what you can do in a service.
  • I saw people repairing iPhones and other electronics in their home for a low price. They knew they can do it.


How to make money at home “online-offline-combination”

  • You can monetize your offline products and services or you can join freelance websites and find jobs that need to be done.
  • As our golden rule says, KNOW what you CAN do and DO it. There are many wanted skills at freelance websites like programming knowledge, graphic design, writing, and many more things.
  • I highly recommend a visit to Fiverr, Freelancer, Odesk to see with your own eyes.

Have you searched for keyword “home businesses” at YouTube?


How to make money at home “online”

  • There are so many ways to make money at home just using your laptop and internet connection. I already tried many ways and found good and bad about everything. And like a friend told me “To feel the advantage of something, you must adapt and accept its disadvantages”
  • There are strong ways, easy ways, very risky ways, time-consuming ways, and you should choose the one you like most and start giving your effort to it and you will see good results.
  • I would say that the best two ways to make money at home “online” are to build your own website and write a good content or making your own products and selling them online.
  • You can also make fast money online by investing your own money in Forex and Binary Options
  • You can also start making money without investing any money by building a free website or blog and smartly promoting good products from decent affiliate networks.



Few things to put in mind to avoid failure

  • Making money at home is not very different from making money outside your home. If you have a job, your job mostly lies in another body home. The company you work in started in someone’s home 🙂
  • Success needs conversions. Whatever you will do, you must get sales, conversions, referrals according to the kind of your business.
  • Conversions, sales, referrals need pursuasion.
  • Easy persuasion needs good products.
  • So, the main key to success is to make the best product, service, or any other thing you can make.
  • Make a good thing and you will be successful.
  • Join good communities like Warrior Forum, Wealthy Affiliate.


Advantages of working from home

  • You have much control over your work routine. You can choose when to work and when to rest.
  • You can choose when to work and when to rest.
  • You can choose when to work and when to rest.
  • You can choose how to work and get things done.
  • You can change any thing any time as you see more beneficial.


Disadvantages of working from home

  • Can make you a little lazy.
  • Not good with people who need pressure to work and make enough effort.
  • Totally depends on you. You get what you work for. When your work drops a little, your income will drop too.

To feel the advantage of something, you must adapt and accept its disadvantages

About myself

  • The first thing I knew about in making money from home was “Paid to click” then “multi-level marketing” then “Forex and Binary Options”. Now I am building my own website.
  • All my work from home is online only. Now, I am active in top class paid to click websites and building a good website with what I learnt from Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope this was a satisfactory read for you.

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  1. Scott G.

    Some really good thoughts on working from home here. I can tell you that you’re spot on. I have worked from home for the past 2 years, after closing the office I had.

    It comes with a unique set of challenges for sure, being lazy is one of them as you mentioned.

    The pros do outweigh the cons though and I would not trade it for the world. Best wishes on your site.

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