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How to make passive income
How to make passive income

How to make passive income


Passive income is the best income you will have. It is the smartest work anyone can do.

I want to talk about one great source of income. The-must-have-source of income for great success. This source is called the passive income and we will talk about how to make passive income ” also known as residual income


Firstly; What is passive income?

  • Passive income is the one that continues generating revenue after doing first-time task. For example, when you refer someone for any service with recurrent commission you are getting multiple commission for the one-time task you did which was getting this referral to the service. So, it is called recurrent income too.
  • It is simple. Residual income is anything you do one time and keeps generating income and there are many examples for that, which we will discuss later in this article.


Why is passive income a must have?

  • The answer of the previous question already gives the idea about why it is a must have. Imagine doing one thing one time and getting continuous income from it. Imagine doing one video at YouTube and keep getting payments from Google Adsense for the views of that video. Also, what about doing more than one-time task and getting multiple passive income streams. Think of the YouTube channels owners who already have many videos uploaded there that keeps getting views and so more income. Now compare this kind of income to any other regular 9-5 job and any other way of income. Think when you are tired to work or want a long vacation, with the passive income you can enjoy a long vacation and also can set the time you want to work personally.
  • Now compare this kind of income to any other regular 9-5 job and any other way of income. Think when you are tired to work or want a long vacation, with the passive income you can enjoy a long vacation and also can set the time you want to work personally.
  • You can also shift your concentration from something to another while maintaining the income stream from the first one. Not just taking the risk of beginning from ground zero. Many people in this world aren’t doing what they like because they just can’t leave the current work and risking their income. They can make a passive income for them that keep providing them with money to sustain their life and give them the opportunity and ease of choice to do what they are passionate about.


Let’s take the steps to make passive income

  • First, think of what you can do and try to make a residual income from it. So, if you write well, make good videos, or write programming codes, you can make passive income from this. If you don’t have something you think you can make, it is OK. You can still make passive income and from the comfort of your home. Keep reading and you will find how to make passive income.


Who did already make passive income?

  • Well, Most of the gurus and successful businessmen already have a big residual income source because it is actually the real deal. A lot of people talked recently about network marketing and that it is good. I would say make passive income instead because it is much better and more profiting.
  • Celebrities already have a residual income stream from videos they publish on YouTube. Actually, celebrities are making residual income nearly from all of their activities.


Now, I want to talk about few specific ways to make your passive income

Make a video and share on YouTube

  • This will need few things to get it done. You will need an Adsense account. Then, the idea of the video you will make and that’s the great part. You can make a video for anything you like. You can make a video for your favorite celebrity making whatever. Or, collecting the top 10 of anything.
  • You can rank anything from your point of view and make a video and upload it to YouTube. It will be great if you could be cool and funny in these videos.
  • You can even make a slideshow on YouTube now. So, just grab some photos and make your first YouTube video without any needed experience.

There are some important points you must consider before using YouTube method

  • Be aware of copy rights and use free content as raw materials.
  • Be funny and cool.
  • Think of the viewers and try to entertain them.
  • Use recent big events to your advantage.


Build your own website

  • This is one more great way to build a residual income. Just think about something you like and have experience in and build a website about it. This is known as niche website.
  • Then, put Adsense ads on your website after writing some good content and also promote related products to your websites niche.

I would like to state important points here too

  • Again, the copy rights 🙂
  • Try to make your articles long “more than 1000 words” , entertaining and interesting.
  • Think about your readers while writing.
  • Join a good community to get help and I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate for this


Promote a recurrent payment product

  • This is the path you can take if you can’t do the first two things, which I don’t see any difficulties in. There are a lot of products and services available online you can promote.
  • So, go check affiliate networks like ClickBank for products with recurrent payments and promote them

My secret soup here is 🙂

  • Only promote good products that will really help the customer.
  • Bad products will get you one payment at most and will make your untrusted marketer who is chasing commissions.
  • That’s why I would recommend one of the best products online with recurrent commissions “The Wealthy Affiliate – Ta-daaa” 🙂



Now, I ask you to make a detailed Google search for ways to make passive income and you will find so many ideas and you can make it happen. I am dead sure about it. Good luck


There is a good reason for recommending Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build your favorite niche website and give you the host in the same time with the opportunity to get recurrent monthly commissions even if you were a free member. This website is a result of Wealthy Affiliate courses and services.

You will find more details about Wealthy Affiliate here. And a full review here


I hope to see you soon at Wealthy Affiliate community.


  1. Judy Lutz

    Great information, thanks! I’m a huge fan of residual income and there is no better way to be in control of your paycheck. I will never work for someone else again when I know there is a way to learn the skills and use the tools available that can help me build my own dream. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as an income source.

  2. suzettte

    I never thought of YouTube as being a way to earn Passive Income. You mentioned network marketing, I am wondering what exactly is network marketing. How does it differ from affiliate marketing? Another question I have is when promoting a product from ClickBank where would be a good place to promote these products and do you have to join the program?

  3. Luka

    Great reading. I am just starting to build my website and trying to get some traffic to it. It is just about two weeks old, but slowly getting some traffic with a huge help from Wealthy Affiliate. I think it’s the best way to start passive income and would reccomend everyone to start at WA if they can afford at leat one month premium membership!

  4. Billy

    Great Post. As an internet marketer, i can tell you passive income is the only way to go. You want to have multiple income streams with reputable products.

    I love Wealthy Affiliate and the heights that I have achieved along the way. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  5. Jacob Schilling

    Good information. You did a great job helping your readers really have a better understanding of what residual income is.

    I too would definitely recommend wealthy affiliate. They teach you the foundation of how to make passive income from your site and they really help you gain traffic. Thanks for the post.

  6. Chris

    Hi, just checked your site out. Great ideas for passive income. Making videos and making money from them sounds a bit hard for the beginner. The Wealthy Affiliate project looks a lot easier to get into. Free access and a good chance to look around before investing any heavy money.
    Thanks for the tips. Regards, Chris

  7. Jagi

    A nice thorough article about creating passive income. I agree with you having passive income creates for a much better life. Any time this type of income is created, there is no need to worry about it once it is set in motion.

    I love the wealthy affiliate philosophy and how much training is available there, it’s pretty amazing.

  8. Chad

    Great post! I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t want passive or residual income. Of course it takes work and time to make this work. I just gotten started in the affiliate marketing arena and I realize that I won’t see direct results right away. Are there any tips or advice you would have for someone developing their website for affiliate marketing? Thank you.

  9. Daumantas

    Hey Mahmood!

    First of all, great article! I just made my first website and now I’m working towards big passive income. Also, Wealthy affiliate is the best place to start your own business, hands down.
    Now, the article about passive income was really informative, well made and easy to read and also good decision to put some examples, great job.

  10. Tobias

    Hey Mahmood,
    passive income is a great opportunity to separate time and work, as it gives us more freedom.
    I´ve taken some notes about youtube and clickbank.
    Have you tried to create a youtube video yet? If yes. How long did it take for you?
    Have you tried clickbank yet? Can you use it by just promoting products on social media plattforms?
    Many questions, I know. Excited about your answers.

  11. Tam

    Is passive income and residual income the same thing? I’m not sure. I love the idea of a passive income! That would be so helpful right now! How much work is involved with making a video to share on YouTube? I really like the secret soup you share, too. ~ Tam

  12. Lori

    I found your article a great read. There are too many people out there trying to scam others. Wealthy Affiliate is a top notch website to learn from the beginning. If there is anyone ready to start making money online, it is the place to start. You tube is a great place to place your videos and get a following.

  13. Brian

    Passive income is something I definitely want to live off of. I’m certainly heading in that direction with my website I just to continuously work on it and steadily build up traffic and it will happen.

    I currently have a Google AdSense account and have ads on my site that is already generating some passive income. It is not a lot right now, but it is steadily increasing. I do have a YouTube channel as well and create my own game play videos, but I haven’t used my AdSense account on it yet as my videos don’t generate enough views at this time. That will certainly change in the future.

  14. Audrey L. K.

    Thank you for writing this helpful article about creating passive income! I’m just beginning to set up an online presence in order to achieve this goal. I have most of the aspects you mentioned in place, except for Adsense. Since my website is so new and doesn’t yet have a ton of content, I got a message from google saying they cannot yet provide me with an Adsense code. Looks like I’ll have to build out my website and then apply for Adsense again in a few weeks!

  15. Bassam

    Very awesome tips to create a passive income, in the time we live in it is more possible than ever, just a lot of mistakes people do is expect a big return right off the first second they make their websites, which as you know this takes a lot of work and dedication. Very awesome article, I learned a few things myself as well.

  16. Sharon Whyte

    Yes residual income is the way to go. I was part of this business that paid daily pay for work I did previously and I just loved it. But moving on from there I am now part of Wealthy Affiliate and just and love learning how to make passive income. It really is worth the hard work at the start. I am looking forward to my xmas and holidays in December 2017/18 because I know with what I put in now, I will be getting regular residual payments (well I am getting them now and they will be ever increasing) and that is a beautiful thing!

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