Helping people to live better. This is where you can get the secrets of great success without paying anything. The change will start with working on our mentality to get a better mind set. Then, we will talk about finance. And we should have fun doing it.
How To Be Successful In Life
How To Be Successful In Life

How To Be Successful In Life


Well, to be successful in your life, two main things is needed to have.
Psychological comfort and financial comfort. Or, you can say you need to have enough money so you don’t have any financial worries and you need to be psychologically comforted.
And there is one more, achievement.
Seeking a great achievement and achieving it will bring you amazing success, pleasure, and happiness.
So, about financial comfort
Which nearly everybody is seeking 🙂
There are many ways to earn money, but here we will talk about earning more money. And you can make more money at your present job if you developed more skilled that can be used in your jobs and then you will get higher ranks in your company.
For, if you are not happy with your present job, you should set down with pen and paper and start writing PROS and CONS of your job and what’s needed to get higher ranks then evaluate your options and make a decision.
Should I keep my job and start developing needed skills to do it better or should I quit “and what will I do if I quit now?”
Then, live with your decision and remember that you can leave your job when you find you can’t take it anymore :). It’s not good to keep complaining without taking action.
Your job should be giving you enough money to have a decent life without taking all your time without giving you too much stress. If your current job is not giving you this, then you should start looking for another job.
Invest your money
Don’t just keep the money you have, setting somewhere earning you nothing but start investing it in something “legit and legal” that can give you return
Invest your stuff
You can earn money now by investing many things. You can rent your parking lot at your house for even strange people with an iPhone app.
Save money
Never buy anything you don’t actually need.
Stop running after new phones and techs.
You might think again about buying some brands which are really expensive for unknown reasons.
how to be successful in life save money
Now, psychological comfort
I have some few tips for this that I’ve put deep in my mind.
  • I don’t judge people except after putting myself in their situation.
  • I don’t judge people religiously as it is the god who can only do it.
  • Never hate anyone even if he is a bad person.
  • Don’t behave the majority’s way, but think for yourself.
And now we need achievement to chase
You can think to make in making a big achievement in something you like and it’s much better to try to do something you like as I will always remember why you started and you will be passionate about it.
And you should be helpful to other people as much as possible. Nothing will give you a better feeling than the feeling you get when you help someone get something he thinks it can’t be done, done.
At first start affecting your circle, your friends, family, neighbours not to change the world because I think the world doesn’t want to change so it will give you just hard time
And at last, many smart people wrote great articles and books with great and very enjoyable content.
And I want to give one recommendation
It’s a great book which I really enjoyed reading and came with amazing ideas and new concepts from it
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  1. Leo

    Very practical but true. I like your straight forward advice in achieving your success. Young professionals will really benefit a lot because they are just starting. But those who have been employed longer, I also believe your article is helpful giving us the insight on how to manage our money properly, invest and save money not spend.Its true that psychologically you will be satisfied if you have enough or more savings.

  2. Nick

    Some good advice in here. Its mostly things people already know but have forgotten that they know it. So a good nudge in the right direction is important. If you master your own psychology, you don’t necessarily need riches. You only need to learn how to be comfortable with your present situation. Taking full responsibility for the ‘self’ and not blaming external circumstances is the way forward with this. It takes lots of presence of mind and mindfulness to get around to this psyche. One thing I will say though – You have a fair few typing errors on this page. We all do it, don’t worry. Most importantly – the first sentence of this article is grammatically squiffy. You may want to sit down with a fresh pair of eyes and edit this page where it is needed. Best of luck going forward.

  3. Luke

    Yes, being financially independent gives you a psychological comfort.

    Money gives you freedom of choice. You don’t have to work if you don’t want to, you don’t have to do different things if you don’t like them … this gives you peace of mind.

    According to some research money can even bring happiness. It all depends on how much of it you have.
    Should we believe this research? I don’t know.

    1. admin

      Money is a great tool and double edged sword. So, it can bring more happiness but it doesn’t create it.

      There are people who aren’t rich but happy and there are unhappy rich people. So, it’s just a tool that can give good or bad results according to the mind and heart controling it.

  4. Cj

    Hi Mahmood,

    I really like your niche as I can relate to it. I also believe in the same principles like “honesty is the best policy” and education. The only thing that bothered me a bit is the bouncing images. It definitely grabs attention, but like they say, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. But it is a wonderful technique.

    Well done with the site

  5. Daniel Aittie


    It is really true that success is measured by how psychological comforted you are and how financially comfortable you are but per my own definition I think SUCCESS is the sum of Hardwork, Patience and Prayer.

    I like the article about the 7 Habits of An Effective Leader. I really like that book as well and I am yet to get my copy.


  6. meherbani

    I love your link to the seven highly effective people.
    It’s always such a great idea to read about people that have already created success to inspire us to move in the same direction.

    Not complaining as you mentioned is a great way to begin. People who complain are wasting energy and not moving forward with their dreams.

    Thank you for this post!

  7. Gina

    First of all, I like how the picture zooms in and tilts when I mouse over it… pretty fun.

    Great article btw. Those really are the only things we need to be successful in life. I love that I’m investing my money into my own business starting at the young age of 21. I believe I’ll see great success in the future. I don’t really have money leftover to save, but money invested is better than money saved, to me at least. 🙂

  8. Hannah

    Great tips on how to be successful in life!

    I agree with everything you said here. Success starts in the mind. If you have the right mindset, well that is the first step to becoming an all round successful and happy person. I think people often think money = happiness. That is definitely not true though. Obviously we need money to survive but it really does not bring happiness. There are many happy people around the world who have nothing!

  9. Lawrence


    I really resonated with this content whilst reading it.

    I love how realistic the steps are which are required to be successful!

    Another way to create success is to develop a positive daily routine. Things like reading self help books, listening to self help books, be active in self help forums, eat healthy, keep fit, meditate, write a journal, write a grateful list and so on.

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