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The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People
The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People


I would like to say this is one of the best books I have ever read
This isn’t some regular self-help book written by some guy.
This is one book full of experiences and application from what’s already said within its cover.
Published in about 1989 but kept republished over and over.
Translated to many languages. I myself read it in Arabic.
This book gives the most effective habits of the most successful people in a great way with practical application that already made by Stephen R.Covey.
He actually applied what he discussed in the book with many institutions and he mentioned it in his book.
He also applied this habits he is talking about on his family members and friends.
And it’s not only about the 7 habits of highly effective people, there are many good points cleared in this book that is related to psychological studies which give amazing insights of people behaviour. He actually mentioned a situation with his wife buying many products from a certain company even if she doesn’t need it. And he said it made him upset sometimes. And by discussing it with his wife they actually knew why she was doing so. She didn’t know why she was doing this until these moments.
And then they could actually understand each other perfectly after this situation.
This book of the 7 habits really gave me many great insights and very strong background for dealing with people at work, in streets, at home, and actually taught me how to understand what exactly other people are saying and why and how can I be heard.
Was a great experience and I gave the book to my friends to read it after I did.
It really can help you whatever your situation was.
Did you read it? Please, share your opinion


  1. Angela

    Well I do have to say it seems to me that all people in our society needs to read this or something else that you have to offer. It is so obvious to me that people today just don’t care, has no desire to get ahead, expects someone else to provide for them. I have not read this yet but I will add it to my reading list. Just think how you could change society if you got this into the hands of the majority of our population.

  2. Diana

    I haven’t heard of this book, but it sounds like a must read. I recently read a book on time management; so this book sounds like it can help make my time more effective. I know that habits need to be changed in order to be successful. It sounds like it not only helps you as a business owner. but as a person as well.

    1. admin

      Yeah, you should read it. It is my #1 book I read. The 7 habits of highly effective people will give you very well organised thinking methods and new insights for many things in life. It’s a master piece from Stephen R.Covey.

  3. Daniel Aittie


    I first saw this book with a friend in school and was wondering what at all can this book offer. I ask this friend and he gave a good testimony about this book. I think it is a must read for young people.

    Your review too about The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is similar to what the friend back in school said.

    I hope it helps everyone who comes across it. Cheers.


  4. Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    I actually own this book. And it goes everywhere with me, just in case I need to re-read it or reference it.

    It is a book everyone should own or indeed read.

    Must say, my copy has flown around a quarter of a million air miles during the past five or six years.

  5. Melanie

    very good review about this book. I have the audio version of this book for a couple of months now and listen to it in my car when I’m driving. What I’ve taken away from the audio is that regardless of your differences with someone, you can always come to a win win situation.

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