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Empire Option Review
Empire Option Review

Empire Option Review


empire option review

Empire Option

Profits: from 55% in the 30 seconds trade to 1500% is the ladder trading.

Bonus: up to 300%

Minimum deposit: 100$



  • USA (+1) 212 845 9749 
    • ESPAÑA+(34) 932 202 011
    • MÉXICO(+52) 722 477 9925
    • CHILE(+56) 45 294 3753
    • COLOMBIA(+57) 4 204 0553
    • PERU(+51) 17 061 987
    • VENEZUELA(+58) 212 720 1913
    • BRASIL+(55) 11 395 70 364
    • FRANCE+(33) 975 181671


When and where Empire Option launched from?

Empire Option was found in 2010 by Riverjor SA, located in Montevideo, Uruguay at 1294 Luis Bonavita, WTC. Processing is provided by Brighton Digital Services Ltd with address 11A, Arcade House, Temple Fortune, London, NW11 7TL, United Kingdom.


I’ve traded on Empire Option and I can say it is friendly and very easy to use. Their bonuses can be very helpful. I got the advantage of 200% bonus once. However, you must reach 30 doubles of trading volume to be able to withdraw. Will explain it later here.


What good in Empire Option?

Empire Option has the variety of options and assets. It has binary options, pairs, long term, short term, one touch, ladder, forex, Ifollow.

Empire option binary options

Binary Options: the usual call/put options with profit near 80%.


Empire option pairs

Pairs: trading two assets against each other. eg: gold vs silver. Profit near 80%




Empire option long term

Long term: ranges from hours to a year. Profit near 75%


Empire option short term

Short term: from 30 seconds to 120 seconds. Profit between 55% and 70%. 55% for 30 seconds and 70% for 60 and 120 seconds.


One touch: You predict if the price will reach a certain point within determined time. The option expires if the price reached that point and that makes you in the money. If the price didn’t touch that point in the chosen time frame you are out of the money. It has much higher profits and risks.


Empire option ladder

Ladder: With up to 1500% profit, everyone would like to try it and it actually can be utilized well to gain good profits if used smartly. This ladder system can be used well while the high volatility because you can get a position as long as the option is available and you can sell it anytime while the option is available too. You can make hundreds from one option as long as the price is volatile.


Empire option forex

Forex: the traditional Forex trading which you buy or sell and set your stop loss and take profit and that’s a good thing in Empire Option. Choose the asset and set your leverage for up to 1:500 then set your SL and TP.


Empire option Ifollow

Ifollow: Follow the successful traders and copy their trades and that’s too is a great tool in Empire Option. Choose the convenient trader and set the parameters. How long you want to copy his trades and how much for every trade and how much is the whole limit. The minimum for every trade in the Ifollow is 50$ per trade and maximum of 3,000$. The investment limits are the same except you can choose to invest all your funds by enabling the no-limit button.


Empire Option is different than many other brokers. They are trying to make it much better and they are improving the service continuously and adding new helpful tools. 

Visit Empire Option by clicking here



Account types at Empire Option

According to your deposits, you will get higher and more privileges. You can also get signals and personal assistant. Account type affects the speed and the minimum of payouts too.

Empire option account types



Deposits and Bonuses

Empire option account types

The deposit process is fast and takes less than a minute. Makes deposits in working days and avoid weekends. As we said earlier, 100$ is the minimum. Choose what suits your needs and give it a go.

The bonus usually is 100% and that’s a good thing to double your investment. Trading with 2,000 is better than 1,000. However, you must reach certain volume to be able to cash out. At Empire Option, you much reach 30 doubles.

So, if you deposited a thousand and got 100% bonus, you must reach a trading volume of 30,000$ to cash out. The trading volume is the summation of all of your trades.

So, the bonus can be tricky and might depress you if you didn’t trade well.



What’s bad in Empire Option?

Two things, session expired popup which happened sometimes with me and it can be very problematic as binary options trading is very delicate. I’ve also encountered a bug during trading which is a 5 minutes delays in the platform clock and that isn’t a good thing.

I haven’t faced any other problems with Empire Option.



Empire Option is a legit and great broker that is improving its services and I would recommend it to anyone interested in binary options.

Click here to visit Empire Option

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