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What is Empower Network
What is Empower Network

What is Empower Network

Before I start talking about Empower Network, I want to declare that I am not an active member there. I am writing about Empower Network because I’ve done some researches about it.


Why did I search about Empower Network?

  • I was searching for good opportunities to make money online and I’ve come across Empower Network. I found that their compensation plan one of the most I’ve ever seen. Empower Network pays 100% commissions.
  • So, I told myself to do a deeper searches and ask questions about it.


I thought Empower Network was good, Why?

  • Empower Network Pays 100% commission which is 25$ per monthly recurrent sale. The membership costs monthly recurrent 25$. And that’s awesome. However, it can’t be possible.
  • If everyone is paying 100% of the membership fee, Empower Network won’t be earning anything. That’s when I found that you have to pay 19.95$ monthly to be able to receive commissions. That’s logic 🙂
  • I was naive that I thought I would make good earnings by investing like 250$. I really thought I would pay the 25$ membership fee and invest about 200$ in advertising and I would get 5 sales who will pay each month for their memberships. How stupid I was! 🙂


What have I found about Empower Network?empower network owners

Empower Network is a good business and real company, owned by real people, David Wood and David Sharpe.

They have accounts on most of social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube

Address: 146 2nd St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, United States
Phone:+1 727-328-4104

Empower Network already have thousands of members and successful members too.

To your right, the owners of Empower Network.

It is online since 2006


Now, Let’s dig in for a full Empower Network review

What does Empower Network provide to members?

Empower Network offers different levels of Memberships. And this is something that I don’t like.

First level: Blogging platform

  • This is the basic membership which costs 25$ monthly.
  • This is a fast basic training with an already made blog. The blog isn’t very good because you don’t have a full control. This blog contains many banners directing to Empower Network. A Blogger blog will be better.
  • This training doesn’t offer satisfying info and that leads you to other levels where the good info can be found

Second Level: Inner circle

  • This membership costs 100$ monthly.
  • This is a library of audio files about Empower Network founders which you will get commissions when you sell them.

Third Level: Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive 🙂

  • Don’t know why Costa Rica. Why not Argentina? 🙂 🙂
  • It costs 500$ but one-time payments. 500$ a month would be too much.
  • This time, it’s video course. We are improving.

Fourth Level: The 15K Formula

  • It costs 995$. It is one time 😉
  • This is where the real deal starts. This fourth level will focus on technicals and strategies. They will discuss ways to get leads and sales.

Fifth Level: Masters Retreat

  • 3,500$ one time.
  • This one contains all they know and can share for a ridiculous price.


Empower Network Compensation Plan

  • I would say that they have some good thing in their compensation plan. That’s because few sales can provide good earnings.
  • As we said earlier, you get 100% commission which isn’t actually true because there are up-sells.
  • You get your 1st,3rd,5th sale and pass up the 2nd,4th,6th. Then, you pass up between sales with 5s and 0s and get the in-betweens to yourself. 10th and 15th and 20th are passed up. From 11th to 14th and from 16th to 19th are for you. And so on.
  • So, If you referred 10 and each of them referred 10, you will get 6 direct and 40 up-sells. So, 46×25$=1150$-45=1105$ monthly. Not bad.
  • On the other hand, to get commissions from a product, you must have it. So, If you are on the first level (25$) and your referrals purchased the second or third or fourth or the fifth level, you will get paid for the first level only. Not fair -I think-


Empower Network Pros

  • You can work hard to get 10 sales and help each of them to get his 10 sales and you will be making 1105$ monthly.
  • Known owners and big company.
  • You can join as an affiliate without purchasing products “19.95$ monthly”


Empower Network Cons

  • So many hidden fees. I didn’t know about membership levels and affiliate fee from their site.
  • Their first level doesn’t have any value. It is very obvious info.
  • Their blog service isn’t good at all.
  • Their prices are very high. You can learn a lot of info online for far less price.



So, Is Empower Network the right choice?

  • Mmmm, I don’t have a perfect answer. Whatever I can say about Empower Network, there are successive members. However, I can say that there are other programs that can teach you a lot and make your success less expensive.


That leads me back to my search about Empower Network. When I was searching for reviews for Empower Network, I’ve found some details that I didn’t like and I’ve found a better program without any hidden fees nor expensive products.

I’ve come across Wealthy Affiliate when I was searching for Empower network. So, I did a comparison and found that Wealthy Affiliate is much better.

Check this comparison




  • Empower Network is a real business and not scam. However, there are many better options.


Check my Wealthy Affiliate Review


  1. Derek

    Great review! I have actually been a part of Empower Network and I hated all of the up sells and hidden fees. The biggest thing I didn’t like was that you had to spend so much money just to get basic training. I only had one person to communicate with and even he was hard to get a hold of. I agree that Empower Network isn’t a scam but it isn’t very good.

    I liked the layout of your website overall. It was easy to navigate. The only thing I would say needs to be improved is some grammatical errors in the content. But other than that, it was great!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Nate


    Thanks for such an in depth review, part the reason I was searching for reviews of this system is I found their offerings to be quite confusing!

    Like you say I think there are just too many membership levels & it’s very difficult to understand how much value you can truly get from your investment in to the different levels.

    I’m already a member at Wealthy Affiliate, which I’m very with. Are there any other online earning opportunities/ programs that you would recommend?

    1. Curing Human

      I would say Wealthy Affiliate is the best I’ve come across as it provides what you need to build a strong business.

      May be I would recommend Clixsense for people who live in advanced countries as side income

  3. Jason

    Some things you may not Know about Empower Network. They were banned from doing business in the US for a while and moved the operation to Costa Rica, They are still banned from facebook. If they are currently operating in the United States I am not aware of it. This may be a virtual office. I went very deep into this network and concluded they don’t offer any product of value until you spend the big bucks. This is where the real training is. I find the practices to be deceptive and dishonest. Once they get you in, you are highly pressured to all the upsells and even called names if you don’t. I know a lot about this scheme. I will not put links on your website but if you want to know more respond to my comment and I will email you.

  4. Jeff

    You said Empower Network was good. But after you explained the deal to me there is no way I would ever join an outfit like that.

    Based on your description of Empower Network I would rate it as a SCAM. (not to mention that the pics of the owners make them look like a couple of grease balls).

    I like the comparison table you use putting Wealthy Affiliate side by side with Empower Network. WA is obviously a much better deal.

    Thank you for the review. It was helpful

  5. GeeRie

    Great information! Thank you for doing the research. I have seen Empower Network around a very long time. I even looked at it several years ago, but it seemed almost like a scam due to the large investments to make even 1 cent. I am glad I found a great research review that I plan to put out there for others to see. Great job Curing.


  6. Nikos

    I have heard about Empower Network before, people talk about that a lot, but i never really understood how you can really earn money with all those levels. Thanks for the review it helped me understand a few things.I don’t believe it has to be so complicated to make money online, if the product is not explained in a simple way i don’t think it’s there for us to make money but probably for them. There are so many programs like that out there claiming getting referrals and making sales is so easy but it’s not.

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