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Psychological comfort
Psychological comfort

Psychological comfort

What is the psychological comfort?

It isn’t easy to describe with words but, I will try 🙂

It is the state which you can be calm and able to deal with everything that comes in your bath calmly. Psychological comfort will also make you very capable of doing many great things as it is the backbone of great success.


Is psychological comfort important?

Well, It is very important and as we said earlier, it is the backbone for the great successes ever done before.


Why is it important?

Because it gives a great boost for problem-solving abilities and greatly diminishes fake and minute worries about the future.


So, imagine a life without any measly worries like who is going to do this or that and what will they do to me at work and what will the boss say? All these will be gone.


Is it needed?

If you want to make a big achievement in your life, then, hell yeah, it is needed :D. And that’s because it will make you very capable and able to be the best in your field of work. Your focus will be pointed at what’s important in your work and measly stuff with co-workers and weird boss-worker relationship will be gone.

Psychological comfort will make you capable of doing what’s best for yourself and others in the same time.


Is it easy to be psychologically comforted?

Actually, it is easy if you really want it. It is easy if you are ready to accept changes to thoughts and ideas and beliefs. However, it is very difficult if you will stick to your previous thoughts.


Why could it be difficult to be attained?

Because there are two big enemies for psychological comfort. Two worst enemies 🙂

The first is social standards and traditions:

Because they are the majority’s opinions and sometimes majority’s opinions will be wrong.

The second is religion

There were many people who used religion for their own benefits and unfortunately, this created wrong beliefs within religions.


So, how to be psychologically comforted?

It can be done easily by myself just by reasoning and being fair just by asking few question and answering them.

  • Is there any person who is right about everything?  No, there isn’t.
  • I as a person can be right about everything?  No, I can’t.
  • Does this mean I am wrong about somethings?  Yes, I am.

And that was the first step with the easiest possible way to prove that I can be wrong 🙂

Now, I have to accept the fact that I can be wrong about something. So, I have to filter my thoughts, beliefs, my way of thinking, and ultimately my whole philosophy of life in order to keep what’s good and leave what’s bad behind.

The filtering process

We talked before about tradition, social standards, and religion, being enemies of psychological comfort. So, we will filter them.

In a few words, good and beneficial things within religion and social standards should be kept and the rest to go down. There are few things in religion that aren’t good which originated from political greed not from religion like most of the killings made by the name of god. These actions can’t be done anymore.

Also, we must form our own opinion and views for religion. We can’t take all what the religious men are saying simply because they may be wrong just like any other human being. And that’s the same for social standards and traditions, they can be wrong too.

Your sources for knowledge of these matters must be checked too. There are fake sources for knowledge.

Keep what’s good and goodbye for the rest.

For example,

  • Killing is a bad thing and must not be accepted under any circumstance.
  • All humans must be respected without any racism based on sex, color, origin, language, age, etc….
  • Hatred must be focused on actions, not people. We must not hate any person but hate his bad actions. We can’t hate smokers, but we must hate smoking, etc…
  • This list can be very long, but we can know what’s good and bad for us considering that our actions should be beneficial for all humans, not just for my neighborhood or my city or my country.
  • This filtering process will be an ongoing process and can’t be stopped any time. So, we must have the liquidity in our thinking and thoughts to change our faulty thoughts when proven wrong.

Weird traditions “no logical justification to be said” 🙁

Weird traditions

Weird traditions

Few things that might delude our judgment

  • Relatives can be wrong too. So, father’s and mother’s thoughts and teachings are not always right and can be wrong. So, can’t live my whole life depending on parent’s ideals. I must make my own ideals.
  • Teacher’s ideals too have rights and wrongs. 
  • Similarity doesn’t guarantee anything. Born in the same day as you don’t mean he is a great person. Having the same hobbies guarantee nothing. So, we can’t say he/she is a great man/woman based on his/her birthdate, birthplace. The person behaviour is what show his/her true colors.
  • Cheering for your favourite sports club or athlete must not make you hate the opponent. Sports are found to have fun and enjoy and have a peaceful, respectful competition.
  • This can be a long list too, but we can do great just by fair thinking and being respectful for others. So, think deeply, respectfully, and fairly.


Few things to keep me on the right track

  • I always test my ideals.
  • I always listen carefully for what the others are saying and try to understand them before talking.
  • No one knows everything.
  • Nobody is always right.
  • I can’t be deluded by sweet and organised talks.
  • Always listen to the words, not the talker.
  • All people can say good things. So, don’t look down at another human being.
  • The environmental background makes differences.
  • Look at the right now person, not at the past person.
  • Everybody make mistakes. And I am one of the everybody. Easily apologise and ask for it when mistakes are made.
  • Be good to all people even if they were bad.
  • Love everybody and try to help them.


There are a few things to tell in the subject and it is related to time

  • There were many bad social standards and traditions in the past and we all know about it like slavery and racism and back in that days it was unacceptable to speak about it.
  • In the slavery era, It was very wrong to say slaves should be treated well or we should stop selling and buying people.
  • And that is a great lesson to learn from. Human being were sold and bought at streets with animals and the majority at that time saw this as a normal thing.
  • And that’s the biggest proof that the majority can be such stupid sometimes. So, please never follow what’s the majority are saying and think for yourself.


Hoping this was an entertaining article 🙂

Please, share your thoughts.


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