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Curing Stupidity
Curing Stupidity

Curing Stupidity

Stupidity is the worst sin in my opinion and it is something that really need a strong and long-acting cure 🙂

There are what we can call different types of stupidity, such as:

  • IQ stupidity: About getting a low grade at an IQ test. This type can be easily overcome by getting higher grade in the IQ test, So it isn’t important -In my stupid opinion- 🙂
  • Spontaneous stupidity: We all can have a stupid act from time to time which our friends will laugh about -may be for a long time-
  • Relationship stupidity: Acting weirdly with the ones who are in relation with you and hurting their feeling -intentionally or unintentionally-
  • Logic stupidity: Trying to make a logic of unlogical stuff or missing the main point of whatever we are thinking about.
  • This can be a very long list. There is a stupidity for every smartness 🙂 We all heard about many classifications for smartness, So every one of them will have its other side of stupidity.


Stupidities I hate

Religious stupidity

  • Thinking that only my religion is the right one of the thousands of religions available on our planet and thinking that only my religion believers will be the survivors and other will get burnt in hell. This kind of stupidity isn’t exclusive toward religion, it is toward anything other than what I think right. 
  • This is the stupidity that gives birth to all kind of racism. The stupidity that make me thinks that whatever I belong to is the only right thing to belong to, whatever it was. 
  • The sports team or player I cherish doesn’t make him the best in the world. My country isn’t the best because I was born on its surface. The same goes for language, sex, and all other things.

Political stupidity

  • It really upset me. Those politicians who think and chase un-needed gains which are of no value at all. Those politicians who always chase control and want to dominate the world and I am sure they have no idea about what to do if they can dominate the world.
  • Those politicians who give orders to start a war and steal lands from others in the name of what I can’t even understand. They always say we are fighting terrorism and they never took a notice that war is an act of terror. How stupid that can be. Luckily we have a great share of them 🙁


Quotes about stupidity

  • “Earth has its boundaries, but human stupidity is limitless” – Gustave Flaubert
  • “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe” – Albert Einstein
  • “The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by Infinity is to contemplate the extent of human stupidity” – Voltaire


Curing stupidity

There are some things that can be done for curing stupidity, such as:

  • Training our mind to think a lot will give us more insights and new ideas and different perspectives. Different perspectives can help a lot for curing stupidity. I can’t know my stupidity, we don’t detect our own stupidity because we naturally tend to think that we are right and smart. So, the other perspective will notify us about our stupidity.
  • Listening carefully can help us to understand better and figure out our stupidity.
  • I can’t be right always. All of us has his share of right and wrong. So, we must always have the possibility of being wrong about something.
  • Experience and repeatings can reduce stupidity a lot. Stupid acts appear in first times more frequently. However, repeatings can be a great source for stupidity too 🙂
  • Reading about logic, practical philosophy, and some books that help in using our minds efficiently can help too.


Hope this was stupidly interesting 🙂


  1. Debra

    Your post on curing stupidity was interesting. There are a lot of categories for stupidity and some of yours, like religious and political, are the same as the one I have the most trouble with, I think that’s what they are amongst the taboo topic for general conversation. They are very heated topics and it’s because some people are just so narrow minded and stupid.

  2. Jovo

    Now this is a great title and intriguing enough to visit your post. Is there really a treatment for stupidity, if so I am your first customer. So how much?

    Seriously, I see myself at least in one of the 4 you mentioned, primarily in the third one. I like what you write about religious stupidity, it is like reading my own thoughts. The sentence of Voltaire is indeed great.

    Yes, it was (I am referring to your last sentence).

  3. roamy

    Hello there

    What a lovely post, curing stupidity, if it were that easy,the world will be a better place,then l will start with the first 2 you mentioned political and religious stupidity.
    We have a saying for stupidity here
    *if stupidity could hurt,some people will be crying the whole day*.
    Enjoyed reading your post so much hope we had more people who feel the way you do about stupidity,the world might be a better place.

  4. Adam

    Hi! Well, this article was really stupidly entertaining! 😀 Thank you for that! 🙂

    The worts stupidities – in my opinion – are the ones about things we have no proper answer about. The best example is Religious Stupidity… I will never get the point of arguing about that. How can make sense arguing about something which we have no clue about AT ALL? Paff…
    Anyways, keep up the great work! 😀


  5. Edward

    Well that was most definitely an interesting read. It’s not the kind of article that you come across every day.

    I do admit that I have relationship stupidity from time to time, annoying my girlfriend unintentionally until she points it out. Welp, guess it’s something I have to work to improve!

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