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What Is Paid To Click
What Is Paid To Click

What Is Paid To Click

What is paid to click “PTC”?

  • Paid to click is a service available online and related to the online advertising businesses. It serves as advertising and earning opportunity for both advertisers and internet marketers.
  • Paid to click companies connect both advertisers who want views to their adverts with active online people who are searching for ways to earn money online.
  • So -in simple words, paid to click is a way to advertise and make money -both online-


How does paid to click work?

  • The advertiser chooses and advertising package from the paid to click website and pays the money. The paid to click website take this money and give a part of it to its members who will view these adverts. The other part is taken to the paid to click website.
  • It’s very simple. The advertiser pays the paid to click website to get views to his adverts and the paid to click website pays its members to view these adverts. That’s all.


When did PTC appear?

  • PTC business is online for more than 10 years and it progressed a lot through these years.


Paid to click progress

  • PTC websites start with what we already said earlier, but progress is a must to stay in business. So, many PTC websites started to improve their service and add new things and innovate new ideas. There are many examples for that.
  • Clixsense invented the clixgrid which is something like a lottery. You have about 30 chances a day to earn between 10 cents and 10 dollars. The chances are adverts viewing. Each advert you view can give you a prize. It was a good way to serve more adverts for even lower price for the advertisers.
  • Neobux made similar service. You get three chances for every PTC advert you view. You can use these chances to view more adverts for the chance to earn up to free upgrade which is 90 dollars.
  • All paid to click websites have referral program to increase their members to increase their adverts viewers and make more money providing more views in shorter period.
  • Many PTC websites added tasks and offers to their services. Some people need certain tasks to be done and it can be done now using PTC websites.
  • Clixsense offers surveys which is a great thing. I’ve taken some surveys at Clixsense.
  • Some paid to click websites offer paid to sign up service. So, you can get some leads to your business for a very cheap price compared to many other ways.
  • You can purchase banner adverts in most of PTC websites.
  • Few PTC websites offer free traffic through Traffic Exchange section.
  • PTC keeps progressing and it’s a must to stay in business.


Advertisers’ point of view

  • Advertising at PTC has its pros and cons. PTC adverts are very cheap to purchase and fast to deliver too. However, PTC viewers aren’t of high quality.
  • So, it depends on what you are trying to advertise. PTC adverts work well if you are trying to advertise other PTC website and free products. It won’t be good for paid products.

Money maker’s point of view

  • Paid to click is a very simple way to make money online. However, you can’t make big profits unless you have a very big downline. I mean thousand of active referrals.
  • Adverts viewers will earn few cents daily from viewing adverts and can earn few dollars from tasks, offer, and surveys. However, tasks, offers, and surveys take time and its availability differs according where you live. Some countries get many offers and surveys, others get less.
  • So, building an active and big downline is the only way to make a good income from PTC websites spending few minutes daily.


Direct referrals

  • PTC websites have affiliate program which can be used to increase profits. It’s simple. You will have a referral link at each paid to click website which you can promote to get people to join this PTC through your link.
  • This make them your direct referrals. You will earn for their activity. And that’s the main key to be successful with PTC.


Rented referral

  • Some PTC websites provide referrals for rental for a period of time and can be extended at the end of this period. As Neobux.
  • Some other PTC websites don’t include referral renting in their system. As Clixsense.


Paid to click strategies

  • You can join many PTC websites and click their adverts simultanously, but this way has many cons because there are many scammy PTC websites and this can consume long time.
  • You can focus on few paid to click websites which are very stable and legit and try to build a big downline in them and that’s better method to make advantage of PTC.
  • Use your initial earnings to advertise other paid to click websites so you can get some direct referrals who already know how PTC works.


How to be successful with PTC?

  • You need to be able to get online for few minutes each day to click the adverts and that’s because you have to view adverts to get commissions from referrals whatever kind they were.
  • You must get many direct referrals as this will provide residual and lasting income FREELY.
  • You can rent referrals, but you will need more money than you think to make profits from rented referrals.
  • The best trick is to build a big downline with the least investment possible. Getting direct referrals using free ways or cheap ways will be the best thing to do.


Paid to click pros

  • Easy 
  • Free
  • Few minutes daily
  • Easy to get direct referrals


Paid to click cons

  • Need big downline
  • View adverts each day
  • Many scammy PTC
  • Overestimated


So, It’s very important to choose which PTC to invest and depend on. And that will make a small list of a very long one of the PTC websites available online.


My conclusion

  • Paid to click can be good and bad. It depends on calculation and decisions. Building a big downline with small investment will be a great thing that will make PTC good. However, advertising recklessly can consume a lot of many and gives unsatisfying profits. So, understant it well and choose wisely and it can be good.


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