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What Is Neobux
What Is Neobux

What Is Neobux

What is Neobux?What is Neobux

  • Neobux is the biggest paid to click “PTC” website online. It already has millions of members from all the world. It also has paid millions of dollars to its members.


What is paid to click “PTC”?

  • It’s a service available online to connect advertiser to internet users, potential customers, and people interested in earning money from the internet.
  • PTC websites charge the advertiser with a certain amount of money for certain amount of views to the advert then give part of this money to the members.
  • For more info about paid to click, click here.

Neobux Success Stories

There are many Neobux members who made amazing earnings that you might not believe

More than 30,000 $ earnings for suburbano 

lang007  made more than 50,000 $

magnet5674  passed 390,000$ yeah 390,000

reggen666  is making 2500$ monthly pure profit

Back to Neobux

  • Neobux was found in 2008 and now it’s delivering more than 20,000,000 advert views daily. Paying more than 100,000 $ daily and getting more than new 10,000 sign ups daily.
  • Neobux is a big name now in the online marketing business.


How to make money from Neobux

First you need to register from here. Click register and fill your details.

registering in neobux

  • You will find many options to start earning money.
  • Viewing advertisements: you will different colors for adverts.
  •                        Fixed advertisements: “blue” which are shown for at least 12 hours. They are purchased by period, not number of views. They earn you 0.001$ each
  •                        Fixed advertisements: “orange” which are always shown. They are 4 for regular members and increase for premium members. They earn you from 0.001$ to 0.02$ according to member’s privileges.
  • Each advertisement gives you from 0.001$ to 0.02$ and one bonus pack.
  • Each bonus pack is one Neopoint, three Adprize chances, and a chance to earn 0.50$ of 120 0.50$ prizes each hour.

neobux bonus back

  • Neopoints: can be used to purchase upgrade extend rented referrals.
  • Adprize: view adverts for 5 seconds for a chance to win from 10 Neopoints to premium upgrade.
  • Neopoints offers: You get Neopoints for simple tasks, application installs, etc.

What are neopoints

  • Coins Offers: You get coins for sign up offers, viewing videos, installs, playing games, etc.

what are coins of neobux

  • Mini jobs: you get payments for getting simple tasks done. There is a bonus for completing those tasks.

Affiliate program “Direct referrals”

  • You get commissions for your referrals activity. 1% commission from upgrades
  •                                 Free members: get 0.0005$ for every fixed advert “orange” click and commissions from Neopoints, coins, mini jobs.
  •                                 Premium members: get 0.005$ for every fixed advert “orange” click and higher commissions from Neopoints, coins, mini jobs.



How does the commission system work in neobux

  • It’s very important to get direct referrals. The affiliate program is the main key for success in most of businesses online. So, try to get as much as possible direct referrals.


Renting referrals

  • You can rent referrals for 0.20$ a month each. There are different limits of rented referrals according to member privileges. Premium has higher limits.

How to rent referrals in Neobux

how long do I rent referrals in neobux

  • You can rent up to 100 referrals each week which will cost 20$. Free members rent referrals much easier than premium and there is a reason for that.

why is it hard to rent referrals in neobux

  • Premium members still can get rented members easier than this, but they have to pay more to rent these referrals. You might need to pay 19$ to get 65 referrals only and that’s to guarantee the renting. So, don’t make calculation depending on the ease the free members have in the rental system.
  • There are more options related to referral rental system in Neobux.
  • You need to renew or extend to rented referrals and you can do that any time after you rented the referrals. However, you should wait and renew the active rented referrals only. Some rented referrals won’t be active enough to give satisfying profits.
  • There is an auto renewal option

what is autorenew

  • You can pay rented referrals daily for their activity by using the autopay option

what is autopay

how to enable autopay in neobux

  • Some rented referrals won’t be active enough. So, you need to recycle the inactive referrals.

what does recycle do

how do I recycle referrals in neobux


Different types of memberships

Now, you have a great knowledge about how it works in Neobux. So, let’s give the keys to great earnings:

  • You must click the fixed “orange” adverts every day to earn from your rented and direct referrals.
  • Complete tasks and offers if you have some spare time.
  • Promote your referral link and try to get direct referrals.
  • Concentrate on getting direct referrals who will be active. Inactive referrals are useless.
  • Renting referrals need investment and few months to start gaining profits.
  • Upgrading is really very important. You won’t make good profits unless you upgrade your account.
  • You can advertise your referral link in other paid to click websites like Clixsense.


Click here to Join Neobux


How to advertise on Neobux?

  • Click on advertise at account panel and purchase clicks

Advertising at neobux

  • Choose from the variety of those adverts types and the views or time you need your advert to be served. Adverts range from 5$ for 5000 micro exposure to 23,725$ for fixed advert for a whole year.
  • Then add your link and text

How to add an advert at neobux


Now, you have your advert running.

Advertising on Neobux can be good for certain types of adverts. Free products, other PTCs, Forex, Binary Options bots, and some affiliate networks are the best. Expensive products and getting high-quality traffic isn’t what you can get from Neobux advertising.

Neobux is sending and receiving payments through Paypal, Payza, and Neteller. And you can use any of them to send and receive payments even by using your credit card.

I hope this gave a satisfying answer.

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