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The secret book – An epic read
The secret book – An epic read

The secret book – An epic read

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Rhonda Byrne
Rhonda Byrne


Today I wanna talk about a great book that I actually didn’t read 🙂 🙂  That’s because they did a documentary of it and I watched that documentary and it was awesome.

This “secret” was written by Rhonda Byrne. She was born at 1951 and she wrote great books. She wrote the secret book which sold more than 19 million copies in 40 languages. She also wrote the power, the magic, and the hero. She was chosen as one of the hundred people who shape our world at 2007 according to Time Magazine.

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The secret documentary sold more than 2 million DVDs. It deserved these sales.

The secret book and the documentary will shift the way you think about this life and it focuses a lot on using your mind and forcing your thoughts upon the whole world. Yes, forcing your thoughts over everything. Realistically of course 🙂

It will make you responsible for everything and give you the control of life instead of letting life driving your wheel. The principle of the book is to focus on what you want to do in life and ignore anything you doesn’t want and always think positively.

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The book message

  • Think positively about what you want not about what you don’t want. For example, you say I want to be rich, not I don’t want to be poor. I want to be healthy not, I don’t want to be sick.
  • Ignore what you don’t like. If there are somebody bothering or harassing you, just ignore his trials of you and don’t interact with his childish acts and he will eventually stop his stupidity.
  • Put your goal in front of yourself and believe you can do it and start taking the steps and you will reach your goal before you notice.


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  1. Kenny Lee

    I’ve heard so much about The Secret but I haven’t really got to read it. You mentioned about thinking about what you want not what you don’t want. I believe in that.

    I first heard this from Andrew Matthews on how thinking of what you don’t want would attract the negative outcome as you are visualizing that in your thought.

    I’ll try to give The Secret a read. I believe it’s an awesome book.


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