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Raising a child
Raising a child

Raising a child

Raising a child is the best achievement I can make in my life in my opinion. So, I want to discuss it with you a little bit.

In this special post, I want to talk about the thing. Raising a child is very important subject to talk about. It is something that you must take very seriously -usually, nobody is serious enough about it-


Why am I speaking about this?

  • Most of us blame their father and mother for the choices taken in their life. We also blame our fathers for any “not-so-good-something-happening”
  • Personally, I hoped that I could change so many choices that were taken by the influence of my family. I hoped that I just followed what I really loved that time.
  • It’s very important to help our sons and daughters to choose what they wanna do with their life, not to force our beliefs upon them. We must not try to control their life. We should help them in doing what they want to do.
  • A lot of great people in this world have something in common, most of them had a real help in the direction they wanted to take.
  • There is one more thing to know. Raising a child is about doing it right and correcting what we thought wrong with our child. We must make sure that we raise our children the same way our fathers did.


Why is it important but neglected?

  • We aren’t taking it seriously enough because we think we are right about everything and only I know the whole truth and only me can do the best. So, we don’t try to learn how to raise a great child and just stick with our thoughts which can be very shallow and not professional.
  • Raising a child perfectly is a great goal to set in life. I will be very satisfied if I can raise a great child to be a great man or woman.


What should we do to raise a child?

  • I think we must know some about children psychology at first. Then, we apply what we learn about them. It isn’t about making our children obedient, calm. It is about building the way for a great man.
  • We must think about actions with our children before doing it. Do not make them fear us and escape our punishment. Be with them on the same page.
  • Build their body, mind, and heart very well.


I’ve found a great article at In general, this is a great website to learn more about how to raise a great child.


There are a lot of talking we can do about this subject, but this is just like a button to think about it.



  1. BiboKid

    What you stated here in this article is very true. I am a father of 1 and I am also the eldest son in our family. Most of what you discussed feels like I have been there and although some might not notice, we get to that point where when we were kids, we somehow feel what is best for us yet the choices are always decided by the parents.

    This is one reason why a kids potential or talent could never be discovered nor nurtured. I realized that as I grew older until now. Raising a child isn’t as easy enough as pumping a tire.

    As for my daughter, I give her the freedom to speak for what she knows is best or what she likes. I instead give her advice and help her with her decision. As a parent, we should be supportive but also cautious and know our boundaries. Although they may not know a lot in life like we adults do, they also have the right to choose the direction they want in the near future. And all we need to do is guide and support them to what’s right or wrong. Not take over their decisions in life as this could result as frustration and pressure within them.

  2. Jackie

    Raising a child well is one of the most important duties or goal we have in life. I’m a big believer in generational living, where grandparents get to help and …have an opportunity to have a big part in the raising of their grandchild. It truly does take a village. Thanks for your well-rounded post. I have a new grandbaby and so I read it with great interest.

  3. Karlo

    thank you for publishing a very informative artilce about raising a child. I hope I will one day become a father and it is very important for me that I will raise my child very well. Those advices and tips are definitely great and I learned a lot from your article.
    Thanks for sharing

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