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The Real Meanings
The Real Meanings

The Real Meanings

Every word we say in this life has a meaning, But for many reasons, their meanings are not the same for everybody and there are reasons for that.

We all are born in different places, homes, cities, countries, continents, and may be planets :). And every place of them has different circumstances. For example, imagine being a child in Africa somewhere, where people are killing each other because of some stupid orders from some elders. Such places have its own meanings for words. So, mercy and love meaning in a violent country is completely different from Paris.

To feel something like that, just look around you and you will find many people with completely different views for the meanings of things. Right and wrong itself are different in people’s perspective.

Some people will agree that not all illegal actions are wrong and not all legal actions are right. Others won’t agree on that statement. And if you want to test it. You will find alcohol -which is harmful- legal. There are many examples for that, but that isn’t our issue here.

So, try to find the meaning of something. Try to define love and when you reach a meaning that satisfies you, ask somebody else ” what is love?” and compare both your definitions together. You can try that for mercy, morality, patience, politeness, greediness, rights, honesty, and many other things.

This difference is caused by how we lived and how we were treated and what we learned. This difference can be a problem because there are much wrong meaning for things.

Marriage failure is mainly because of having wrong meaning of love and responsibility at least from one of the couples. Many failures are primarily caused by having the wrong meaning of its requirement installed in the brain.

These words and its meaning must be checked and reconsidered. Our responsibility toward our children, for example, is something of a great value, how to deal with my kid. We say we love our children, but we deal with them like a possession, not love. There is a big difference between love and possession. To know the difference, we must know the real meaning of both of them.

From my own point of view, love can’t go with hatred. I believe that the ones capable of love are not capable of hatred. The ones who hate won’t be capable of love, they will see possession as love.

This is a weird and very important topics as it directly affect everything in our life. For example, my love partner wants me to show my love according to here meaning of love. So, if I want to let her feel my love I should know what she thinks of love and act accordingly. The same goes for the co-workers, boss, and friends.

Friendship isn’t the same in all points of views. Some will say that the friend is the one who I can cry with, others won’t. Some will say that my friend is the one that will help me do anything even if it was wrong. My friend is the one who cover for me when I cause a problem or the one who will do the right thing.

That’s can go on and on as the words are nearly endless and it really wants to be searched for its real meaning.


Share your meanings 

What do you think love, honesty, friendship is?


  1. Lawrence

    Hey there =)

    First time checking out your website!

    Love the theme! =)

    Love is recognizing yourself in another and realizing that separation is illusory.

    Honesty is just telling the truth no matter what. A lie is a lie and is not real.

    Relationships – True relationships are the ones where people share secrets, opinions and dreams knowing that the other person can be trusted.

    That’s just my opinions


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