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Are you trying to convince someone with something?

Wait and think before trying for two reasons:

  • Is my opinion right and his wrong so I need to change his opinion?
  • Do I have to convince him by anything in the first place?


These two question will save you from a lotย of meaningless trials of convincing and arguments. We should be aware of our intentions before getting to any arguments. Am I arguing to just prove I can’t be wrong? Or Am I trying to make good change by these arguments?

We all saw many people arguing to get famous or to just look good or to prove some superiority. The real good arguer will always be respectful and calm. Good arguers know the fact that he can’t be always right and so he listen carefully and try to understand then respectfully speak.


So, before getting in any argument, Am I sure that my opinion is the good or the right one?

  • Actually there is a way to test opinions, and that way is using pure logic and hard facts. So, by depending on hard facts and pure logic only you can classify your opinions to two categories;
  • Opinions you are sure about: which passed the test.
  • Opinions you are not sure about: which got low grades at the test ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Testing with this way will show some wrong opinions which will not exist in your mind anymore.
  • So, You can argue about the opinions that passed the test with good grades. The ones with low grades need more thinking and testing and are not arguable ๐Ÿ™‚


Now, Do I have to convince anyone by anything?

  • Yes and No. There are something you have to try to convince others with, which are the harmful acts and its justifications. You have to try to convince people to stop doing harmful acts and convince them that their justifications are pure bullshit.
  • You can’t try to convince or argue about which is the best football player, team, tennis player, colors, and many other things that actually can’t be judged by any logical tool. These things are out of arguments.
  • I don’t have to convince anybody by the righteousness of my doing as long as it isn’t harmful. I am free to do anything I please as long as I hurt no one -myself included-
  • I don’t have to convince anybody about the right religion nor the existence of God. God will judge upon us and he knows all of our intentions and he is completely fair and knows literally everything.



  • Try to convince people to stop doing harmful things. And that’s the only thing we should try to argue about. All other arguments about what’s the best x or y are just nonsense that waste our time and consume our brain powers and thoughts.
  • Be as much as possible respectful to the humanity and the mind of the one you are trying to convince.
  • Try hardly not to deceive or change facts a little for your favour



Hoping this was interesting


  1. Peggy Menke

    Hello, Mahmood. I really like your article. My husband & I have been together for 13 years now and the only thing he tries to argue with me about is how something taste. I know you are probably laughing right now because it’s a ridiculous argument. How can anyone tell you-you are wrong about what you taste? I’m glad we don’t argue! Great article for those that do!

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