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Safe entrance to cryptocurreny
Safe entrance to cryptocurreny

Safe entrance to cryptocurreny

We need to know a few things to enter a new field. Cryptocurrency is a new field and technology with lots of things to understand.

Cryptocurrency is a major term for the whole technology. Bitcoin is just a part of that term. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies now. Thousands of them.

Each cryptocurrency is completely separate from other cryptocurrencies. So, you need to understand how the coin you wanna enter works.

As we discussed earlier, each cryptocurrency needs a blockchain and a coin. That applies to each cryptocurrency.

So, knowledge is power and safety from this point of view.

Secondly, it is more safe to earn some coins without investing your own money. It is easy to do that in cryptocurrencies.

Most cryptocurrency projects hold an airdrop in which they distribute some coins for free for some people who do a few simple tasks.

You will earn some crypto by joining some telegram groups and channels, following a Twitter “x” account, joining a YouTube channel, and doing some simple tasks.

You can also earn crypto for more tasks mostly on social media. This is called a bounty program which is held by new crypto projects.

You can find those bounties and airdrops on bitcointalk forum and airdropalert. Also, be present in communities talking about crypto to know about new projects coming and get some free crypto at their start when possible.

Then, don’t rush to sell your airdrop and bounty. Use what you get to build your crypto portfolio.

Then, see you in the next post about what to do next 🙂

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