Helping people to live better. This is where you can get the secrets of great success without paying anything. The change will start with working on our mentality to get a better mind set. Then, we will talk about finance. And we should have fun doing it.
Finance – The bigger Picture
Finance – The bigger Picture

Finance – The bigger Picture

We talked previously about trying to reduce and manage our spending by reconsidering our spending habits and having a healthy lifestyle to be in the best situation. We will talk about increasing our income here by any means.

But, first, let’s look at the bigger picture first. We have to do something to gain more money. We need to work on somehow of course. But, let’s define work first.

Most of us think that working is the job we have and that isn’t true actually. When we do effort for money we call it work. When we do effort for fun we don’t call it work. And that isn’t accurate.

Any effort done is considered work for someone. I don’t consider washing the dishes or shopping a work while it is a job for some people. Some people’s job is to play a video game or shop or wash some dishes.

I am trying to say that our efforts should be rewarded in some way. This reward can be money, knowledge, fun, or some kind of relief. So, we should look at our effort and time in a better way, cause they are important.

The second thing is knowing the different types of work. There is active income, passive income, and side hustle.

Active income is achieved by active work in which, you must work to get paid and if you stop working you won’t get paid. That is like 9-5 jobs and many other things. This is the worst type of work to spend all your life in.

Passive income is achieved by doing a task one time and this task keeps earning you money for a long time. In this passive income approach, you will get paid even if you are not working. That’s a good thing, right? An example of that could be writing a book, building a YouTube channel, or renting a property.

Side hustle is a small task you do regularly with little effort to gain some extra cash which can build up over time. I would say we should make our hobbies and things we do four fun a side hustle. It is cool to do something you like and get some cash at the same time.


  • Any effort done is work and should be reconsidered.
  • Don’t spend your life in an active job that pays only when you work regardless of your life problem, health, or stress.
  • Develop a good passive income and always be open to learning new things.

Let me read your opinion and passive income ideas in the comments. Looking to see some cool side hustles too.

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