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Possibilities are endless
Possibilities are endless

Possibilities are endless

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Today I saw a video on Facebook that reminded me of something that I thought a lot about and wanted to write about it.

First, let’s watch that video

Now, that’s the case. All of us have a similar situation and most of us get angry just like the father. And that emotion comes first in our head. When we think somebody didn’t care enough about our needs we think bad of him and start reducing our respect of him. It’s like a trigger to bad behaviour.


I can think of many times I thought badly of people because I saw them doing something bad to me or even to someone else. It’s very rare to think of a reasonable explanation for others’ mistakes, but we want everybody to excuse us for our mistakes.


So, before, acting we should think of the possibilities and that’s because they are as we said endless. There are so many possibilities for everything and us as human, can’t think of them all so we should be merciful but smart. Smart not to be taken advantage of and merciful not to be inhumane.


However, it’s not always good to think that way. That’s because there are bad people in that world. It is like so many things in our world. We should always be in the middle of everything. We can’t always excuse others for mistakes and we can’t always judge them badly. We should try to avoid the harm in all scenarios. That’s what I think.


My conclusion

  • We should always excuse the people we trust and love and be on their side and help them all the way and correct their mistakes. However, we must stop strangers from crossing the line. That’s my conclusion.
  • Possibilities are endless for everyone but it very important to think of those possibilities for the people close to you.


So, what do you think?

Thanks for reading and good luck


  1. Neil

    I found the video somewhat inspiring because it’s right, we should never judge others, especially when you realize they’ve been through or going through an even rougher time, themselves. Sometimes we allow our emotions to get the better of us and take it out on others without thinking first.

    Whatever storms we have in life, there is always somebody else suffering through much bigger storms. Thanks for the inspiring article and video.


  2. Kenny Lee

    Hi Neil,

    I think I can relate being similar situation as in the video. When my son was around 2 years old, he collapsed in my arm after a bout of food poisoning. I rushed him to the nearest hospital, it took me 2 minutes( thankfully). I thought I was losing him. That put me in a nervous breakdown.

    I was mad that I’m not getting answers from the doctors, but in the end, I thank them for maintaining their calm and be objective in that situation. It was a case of febrille fit. It’s not life threatening( which I had no prior knowledge).

    But that experience made me realise that life after all is so fragile. We shouldn’t take anyone or anything for granted.


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