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Make Your Own Website
Make Your Own Website

Make Your Own Website

I’ve been in many sorts of online business for years, since 2010. I’ve searched and joined many forums and looked for so many ways to make money online. In all of these things, many people told me to stop chasing opportunities and make my own website.

So, make you own website was the sentence I heard too many times.

I thought it was very difficult to build a website. But, then I’ve found many ways to build a website both free and paid. I’ve also found that building a website is very easy and cheap. The difficulties will be in getting traffic and writing a good content.

So, I started to build something that is mine, but I wasn’t knowledgeable about the how. 

At first, I joined Blogger and made a few blogs and wrote small posts trying to promote affiliate links to earn some money. Then, I joined traffic exchanges to get traffic to my blog and put ads in my blog to earn more. But, I wasn’t earning enough. My profits were very low. Then, blogger deleted my blog claiming it is spammy. I asked for a review to my blog and got it back then it was deleted again.

That’s when I decided to get my own domain and hosting. So, I started searching for how to build a website and found some programs that can help you build a website and make earnings from it too.

I came across Empire Network and found some good talks about it. Then, searched for reviews for it and found it have an affiliate system and pays 100% commission and give you a blog and tell you how to make it great. But, that wasn’t the whole truth as I anticipated. There were some hidden fees as 19$ monthly to be an affiliate and 25$ monthly for the service. That made the 25$ monthly payment 44$ and that was a bad sign. There were also more products to buy after the 25$ payment. Reviewers said that the 25$ product is just ordinary info and the real info are in the other products.

While searching for Empire Network reviews, I came across reviews for Wealthy Affiliate. And I found too many good talks about it. Searched for its complaints and found very few complaints. So, I joined Wealthy Affiliate to check the free membership. And it was good. So, I upgraded for the premium yearly membership.

And now I have two websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate and made a great progress. Got enough help to have nice content on my websites.


So, How to make you own website?

  • You need web-hosting and domain name. There are many services to help you do this. You can get a domain for 10$ yearly. The hosting cost differs between companies and the space and the bandwidth you need.


Before I join Wealthy Affiliate, I had a websites hosted at WIX, but I transferred it to Wealthy Affiliate after joining.


There are many ways to make your own website:

  • Just join Wealthy Affiliate and you will make your own website easily and all the help needed will be available.
  • Join blogger and make your own first blog then you can buy your own domain and still use blogger as a platform while having your own .com or .net or etc domain.
  • You can make your own website with yahoo business with reasonable price.
  • You can use some platforms like WIX or YOLA to create your own website.
  • You can join WordPress and make your own website using their platform.
  • My first choice and best recommendation is to join Wealthy Affiliate and start from there.
  • My top three are Wealthy Affiliate then WIX then Blogger.

Feel free to ask any question



  1. Roland

    A great post!

    I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I can certainly recommend that others join too. It’s a great way to learn how to build a website and use it to make money.

    Anyone can turn their hobby into a passion even if you think that you lack ability. The Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all that you need to know.

    1. admin

      Yeah, Wealthy Affiliate provides the needed info and cover many different subjects related to building a successful website. I tried many other services as I mentioned in the post and I can say WA is the best of them. Also, no programming skills is needed.

  2. Tamara Rasheed

    I enjoyed reading your post. You have a conversational tone that is easy to relate to. I have heard lots of less than stellar reviews about Empire Network. I have been in many MLMs myself in the past that all say they provide great benefits. The one thing i am grateful for is being introduced to working for myself. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like an amazing program! Thank you for posting this article.

  3. Javier

    Wealthy Affiliate provides everything you need to build a website fr online or offline businesses. The best part is the price, it’s much more lower than the one that you pay on the college and know nothing compared to WA. I recommend this program to every single person who is planning to build websites and keep updated of what is working and what is not, this is the perfect tool for all of them. Great post

    1. admin

      The price is great. I pay yearly. 359$ a year for all knowledge and help plus hosting for unlimited websites is more than enough. I was hosting one site for 150$ a year. Now I have to websites and the 359$ is covering for the web-hosting I need plus WA services.

  4. Wendy

    Your story sounds a lot like mine. I was also afraid of creating my own website. I started with Blogspot so I wouldn’t need my own domain or have to try and figure out hosting. Even after being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a while I was afraid to create my own WordPress site. But once I did, I was so happy and wished I did it years ago. It was way easier than I ever expected it to be.

  5. Esteban


    Great article! I still find it incredible how easy it is to create websites these days. It doesn’t take a programmer anymore nor does it require you to learn html or any other computer language.
    That always scared me off.
    But now you can easily create one with WordPress like you said or any other software.
    I also think that Wealthy affiliate teaches you a lot of valuable things to help you build that website more thoroughly.
    Thanks for this article,

  6. LizT

    Seems like you’ve tried a lot of different thigs. Your advice on what works based on experience is helpful. Wealthy Affiliate does seem like an exceptional option and this post will be helpful to many people out there who haven’t heard of it before.

    Thanks for sharing your story it is always good to see what other people have tried and how it worked out for them. Great post!

  7. Devin

    So far I’ve had a similar experience. Searched out a couple of ways to try and make money online, but everything felt spammy to me. I’ve used Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of days now and have had a good experience so far. Now correct me if I am wrong, but is your Admin picture Detective Conan from Case Closed? If not, then ignore, if so, then that’s pretty cool!

  8. NemiraB

    Hello. Thanks for providing information, which will help with decisions to those, who want to create business online. People, who do not have intentions to code and sit with books to learn how to write different languages for websites, your offered idea is great. In WA is excellent community, training. To create a website is easy with push of few buttons. Just write your own content and learn together secrets of Internet navigation.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira

  9. Igor


    You and I had such a similar beginnings and we even started working online almost at the same time. I also heard about Empire Network but never got engaged with it. The WA is by far, the best, almost superior to all other affiliate programs out there.

    May I ask, how is it going with the earnings now!
    Very informative article!

  10. Debra

    Nice article. You have many option available for your readers. I wonder if you have any further information on these places that you can create your own website.

    It would be nice to compare prices , support, community involvement and training.

    Obviously you have your own site and I’m wondering where to you choose to host it.

  11. Antoinette Ferreira

    Thank you for this great information. I think we all go through the same process as we try to build a website. Please explain to me how you transferred your Wix website to Wealthy Affiliate. I really like the Wix website that I built, but have joined Wealthy Affiliate for the excellent training. I feel so torn between the two and this will be the ideal solution for me. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. admin

      First I cancelled my subscription with Wix for both domain and hosting. Then, went to domains at Wix and asked from domain moving. Then, choosed NameCheap as the new registrar for the domain and they asked for a code where you can find beside your domain at Wix domains tab.
      Then, paid about 10$ for NameCheap and waited for about a week and the transfer was completed. Then, added WA hosting servers at NameCheap and everything was done perfectly.
      I moved my content manually.
      There will be a time which you can’t move your website within “about 3 months I think”

      You can contact me if you needed help with the move. I am also glad that I did that move because of the access to more awesome tools provided by WA like feedbacks and comments

  12. Alec

    Thanks for providing this guide. Blogger has always seemed like a risk website since they essentially own your content and can remove it without warning. I use Wealthy Affiliate for my hosting, and surprisingly, it works pretty good for its cost. I’m interested in seeing how well it works with higher traffic in the future.

    Not only that, WA includes so much more than just hosting.

  13. Funkydunc

    Thank you for the excellent review of Building a Website through Wealthy Affiliate. As a member of that network, I can vouch for its authenticity and benefits.
    I like the balance you brought to the discussion by giving other options to the budding website builder.
    Of course, trying to sift through all the options can be difficult for the newbie. Thank you.

  14. NemiraB

    Hello here. I am glad that you are one of countless Wealthy Affiliate members. I wonder how I did not know about this training platform earlier.
    Working at home or anywhere where is Internet, is a real thing. What is most important that we can be own bosses. No crazy rat races, jus relaxing and working on websites.
    Of course it requires real work and dedication, but as anywhere, if we want to get something, we need to give something.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a real thing. I do not know anybody, who was disappointed with this company.
    I wish that your visitors would find here plenty information about WA and would try to join this company for free.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    1. admin

      Thanks for your words. I am glad you like it and find it helpful.

      I hope that many IMs will found that making their own website is a great or even the best decision to make toward online success. I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate for this purpose as a great knowledge source and web-hosting.

  15. Neil

    It certainly sounds like you have had some experience with websites, and I have heard that WIX is a little disappointing because it’s just a storefront website that can’t get ranked in the search engines for traffic, and you have to start your website from scratch if you want to change templates. Is this true?

    I too have joined traffic exchanges in the past, and have had plenty of hits but no actual sales!

    Good for you for joining Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s Awesome that I can build a WordPress website because I know that WordPress is the most popular website platform for bloggers.


  16. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hello there , I agree without a website you limit your business potential.It’s like a car without wheels , you can’t move.

    Blogger deleted your blog for too many affiliate links?..As concerns the Empower Network , I believe it is a super expensive program to get involved because you are not only paying that money , the people you refer will have to do the same.

    Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand is an ethical organisation and building a website there is a piece of cake.

    Do you expect anything to change in the website builder of WA?

  17. Andrew

    Hi, thanks for sharing this information with us. I have a site hosted with Wealthy Affiliate and I can vouch for them 100%

    You said that you also had a site hosted at Wix, was it hard to transfer it over to Wealthy Affiliate? I have another site hosted with Godaddy and was wondering how hard it would be to move?

  18. rufat

    It’s true that instead of chasing various opportunities it’s better to build your own website and start working on it continuously. This is a proven way of making money from your website and Wealthy Affiliate has a great starter package for anyone to start their online business with minimum investment. The package includes lessons, websites, support, live chat etc. What are your thoughts on this? How can you compare your Wealthy Affiliate experience with your previous experience?

  19. Stephanie

    I love your three choices of ways to build a website. Your first recommendation being that to join Wealthy Affiliate and then you also give great advice to check into WIX and blogger. When I first got started in building websites, I started with blogger too and found it was helpful, but I did not monetize. With Wealthy Affiliate, they show you the best ways to monetize your website through affiliate marketing.

    Great introductory to the importance of having a website.

  20. morna

    Love the colors on your site. lots of information but I felt that the flashing pictures were very distracting and was not sure what the site was all about. I think if you lower the volume on the flashing pictures you will attack more visitors and also you need to define what your site is about.

  21. Matthew Thomas

    Glad to hear that you eventually found Wealthy Affiliate after some questionable experiences with other services like Blogger and Empower Network. I feel pretty lucky to have found WA right off the bat when I decided to get started in online business. I started with the Free Starter Membership to build my first website, and then eventually took the leap Premium about a month after that – haven’t looked back since!

  22. Brianna Jones

    Very accurate post.
    I am a member of wealthy affiliate and I have been enjoying my journey so far. It is very helpful in all the tips and suggestions given. This has provoked me to consider making a blogger to earn so extra cash along with my affiliate website. Thank you!

  23. Jason

    It sounds like you and I have had a pretty much the same past. The only difference is I got sucked into a scam called Plug In Profit Site. This site also promoted Empower Network. After spending a ton of money I too found my way to Wealthy Affiliate. This is the first place I have made any kind of real money online. The process of building a website is simplified and the training is some of the best I have seen online..

  24. Brittni Sue

    Thanks for providing a great review here. I have tried the premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate …. and I must say that I have been very happy with it. I learned a great deal, and the community support is really helpful for beginners. Just wish they offered a 3-month or 6-month option to take advantage of a discounted membership fee, rather than just the yearly option. I think more people would stay in the program that way!

  25. Alex

    Hi there,

    This is a great post! I have been thinking to start a new blog or a new website again as my previous one is already two years. So far I have not been able to receive a single penny yet. I like the idea that I can learn to earn some money Wealthy Affiliate, that is extraordinary 🙂

    I’ve been considering engaging in affiliate marketing for a very long time now but never really fully understand how it works. Well, put it this way, I have never had enough information to go ahead and pull the trigger on it.

    Thanks for this post! A good reference to how to build a website (blog)!

  26. stefan

    Thanks for your your advice on where to build a website. I never tried building my website before becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I also thought it was too difficult and I didn’t know we could make so much money with a website. When I joined WA they opened my eyes for the possibility to make money a an affiliate marketer, which is highly profitable

    I never tried the other platforms, but I am very happy with what I get I inside WA.

    Best wishes

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