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Honesty Is The Best Policy
Honesty Is The Best Policy

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Honesty is a great thing. It can be life-saving 🙂 So I can name honesty as the best policy.

Honesty is my best policy in work, any relation, and in my whole life.

What is honesty?

  • The first definition that comes to mind in telling the truth, but this isn’t accurate because a traitor can also say a truth. Telling the truth and being honest isn’t the same.
  • There are many situations that truth can be spoken in but not for honesty, but for greediness, misleading, and other bad intentions.
  • Leaking a secret is also telling a truth and we all know that it is a very bad thing to tell a secret in most of the cases.
  • Telling a misleading truth isn’t an act of honesty, I prefer to call it a lie. Misleading truth can be a smart immoral act 🙂
  • So, to be more accurate I will say that honesty is telling the truth with a good deed. So, the reason for telling a truth is is considered to actually this was an act of honesty or something else.
  • So, evaluating the situation before speaking is very much needed. Some situations can require a lie as the moral action.


How to be a real honest?

  • It’s easy. Just evaluate before speaking. First, reach out for the real purpose then act for achieving the best results for that purpose without hurting anybody. That is how I should think when I am asked a question or going for a speech.
  • However, doing a bad thing behind other people isn’t a good thing. Cheating will stay cheating as long as it isn’t confessed. I can’t do a bad thing and say I won’t tell anybody so I can escape from the guilt or to avoid making others upset with me. I can’t do a bad thing behind my wife, brother, loved one and never tell them and call myself an honest man.
  • However, I can keep a secret from them if it may hurt their feeling. If something bad happened to me, I can keep it a secret from them. If I did a bad thing, I shouldn’t hide it from them.
  • I should always try help the ones in need for help without waiting them to ask for the help. Being honest also means that I should do the right things if I knew my help is needed.
  • Telling everything in the first meeting is stupidity, not honesty. Knowing when to say everything is important too. Imagine you are meeting someone for the first or second time and you are telling him everything you’ve done. He will have to think badly of you even if you did exactly what you just told him you did 🙂


Honesty Is The Best Honesty because telling the right thing in the right time with good intentions and seeking benefits for everyone will make wonders. Telling the truth will save a lot of time and frustration in the future and will also keep the guilt of lying away. Being honest with others “smartly :)” will make them like you a lot and appreciate your opinion very much.


Personally, I tell the truth most of the times, speak my honest opinions always, sometimes I lie for the letting things, like being late :), may keep secrets not to put a pressure on the people I care about but seek help when I think I should.


It’s really very funny to think in everything and develop my own way of living. I have very much fun programming my own brain’s software instead of installing the already made versions by others. We all must build our own software 🙂


Hoping these words were entertaining 🙂


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