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Creating Secure Password Without Forgetting Them Easily
Creating Secure Password Without Forgetting Them Easily

Creating Secure Password Without Forgetting Them Easily

Hello and welcome to our guide about Creating Secure Password Without Forgetting Them
And Easily 🙂
There are very simple thoughts you have to consider when choosing a password:
  • No easily figured pattern
  • No dates except the ones you only know their meaning to you. Not your birth date, NOR anniversary, NOR loved ones birth date.
  • No phone numbers
  • No names of loved ones
  • No names of anything you love “brand, movie, etc…”
  • No social numbers
  • No addresses
  • Simply don’t insert anything figurable in your passwords
So how to create strong and secure password
  • The longer the better
  • Combination of letters and numbers is better and make letters more than numbers for increasing the possibilities
  • Combination of upper and lower cases is better, however, you can make the different letter/s second or third :). There isn’t any rule to make the first letter the only different cased letter :).
  • Adding a sign can be good. However, be creative. There are more signs than the “_” you can use :).
How to create unforgettable password
Make your password content meaningful only to yourself. You can use any detail even about yourself, but it has to have meaning only to you. Like a date you love and nobody knows about it, initials of random person you aren’t a fan of 🙂
How to be secured “few advices”
  • Never use the same password at all sites
  • You can make three or four passwords the way we discussed above and distribute them between your sites
  • Use different passwords for similar sites. Meaning make your Facebook password different from Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Make your email and financial passwords UNIQUE
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