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The truth about surveys and offers websites
The truth about surveys and offers websites

The truth about surveys and offers websites

There are many websites online that provide surveys and offers to their users to complete for some kind of reward of course. We will discuss this subject a little further here. It is important to read the whole post cause it has some crucial information about surveys and offers websites.

First, Let’s quickly illustrate this. Those surveys and offers websites provide surveys and offers by themselves or through another service in what is called offer walls. This business requires technology in the shape of design and coding, but it also needs advertising. So, some companies do everything and others focus on one side only.

Some companies build surveys and offers and give a widget with tracking codes to other websites that have users’ databases to complete these surveys and offers. There are many websites like that you can see on websites like Ysense.

Now, Let’s talk about some secrets about this. Those surveys and offers are made by people who want to make money. They are not throwing their money away. So, they will use it to profit from you and me. That’s a first to put in mind. So, they will do their best to guarantee their profits.

Surveys and offers websites like advanced countries users more than second and third world countries citizens. For example, United Kingdom citizens will find more surveys and offers and high paying as well. That’s because these users are richer and have higher value to companies who run those websites.

If you run a business or sell a product, will you prefer selling to United States citizens who can spend more than Egypt? or will you target Egyptian citizens? I would target the US of course. Did you know that some products have different prices in different countries?

All this means that your earnings from this kind of business depend on where you live. Living in top-tier countries is much better.

Does that mean it is useless to use those websites if I am not top-tier country citizen? I would answer this question by saying no. You can register there and do surveys and offers when you can. You can increase your earnings by inviting other people to join. And you can earn a lot if you refer a top-tier country citizen. Personally, I earned 500$ from someone I referred who was a Spain citizen.

There is one more important tip, those websites use trackers to track you when you complete their surveys or do they offer. So, YOU MUST STOP YOUR AD BLOCKER if you are using one.

Surveys and offers websites terms and definitions:

  • Withdrawal threshold is the minimum money you must earn before you can withdraw your money.
  • Referral “affiliate” program is their way to market themselves by sharing some of their revenue with their users.
  • Referral link is your personal link which you can use to refer new members and for each new member who joins using your link, you will earn commissions.
  • Payments gateway is the way you can withdraw your earnings. It can be Paypal, Amazon vouchers, cryptocurrency, and many other options depending on the surveys and offers website choice.


  • It is ok to try those websites.
  • You must spread your referral links to refer other people to increase your earnings.
  • Try referring new users from countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and other top-tier countries.

Here is a list of websites I am using

Let me know your preferred surveys and offers websites in the comments and I will take a look at them and add them to the list. C U

One last thing to say, which is my earnings. How much did I personally earned from this kind of work? I ‘ve made +2800$ on Ysense and +1900$ on Neobux. Mainly from high-paying offers and surveys and referring new members to those platforms.

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