Helping people to live better. This is where you can get the secrets of great success without paying anything. The change will start with working on our mentality to get a better mind set. Then, we will talk about finance. And we should have fun doing it.
The first lesson about finance
The first lesson about finance

The first lesson about finance

The first thing to understand about finance is the income, spending, and the gap between them. If income is bigger than spending, that’s awesome. If spending is the bigger one, that’s a problem. If both are equal, you need to take care.

So, what are our options?

We always need to increase our income and decrease our spending. It is much better to increase our income of course. We don’t like decreasing our spending 🙂 but let’s talk deeper.

We have to manage our finances as we own a company “the company of my life”. We must get rid of meaningless spending and focus more on our work.

Here is a list of meaningless spending to stop now

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Showing off, bragging

We also have to develop a healthy lifestyle which will reduce our spending on medical care by

  • Playing a sport to have a strong body.
  • Eating well to have strong immunity. Decrease our sugar, flour, and salt intake for better health.
  • And generally buying from cheaper markets. Taking advantage of offers and discounts when possible.
  • There are more things to do to cut our spending without affecting our wanted lifestyle

The second step is to work on our sources of income

Working a 9-5 job with a salary is the first choice for most people, but is it enough? If the 9-5 salary is not making you live the life you want, then you have to do something. We live only once. So, you either need to work someplace else for a higher salary or shift your entire career.

I have been working for years for a very low income that wasn’t enough to basic life support and I had many problems within my home because of that and I had to seek another option. Finally, I decided to shift my career and do something else.

This career shift isn’t an instant action. It needs time. I had to search for something with a high income and some freedom. I found my answer on online entrepreneurship. So, I spent about a year learning and reading about many things to have income online. When I thought I was knowledgeable enough, I made the shift. And my life now is much better.

So, you need to imagine how you want to live your life.

Then, which career can give you that life?

Learn enough about that field.

go there and start living your life.

I know that sounds too good to be true. However, it is true. The key is to spend some time learning. It is not INSTANT.

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