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Restore My Vision Today Review – Does It Work
Restore My Vision Today Review – Does It Work

Restore My Vision Today Review – Does It Work


I wanted to give a review for this restore my vision today as I actually purchased this product
So, I will talk about the inside. The outside is covered in their promotional videos.
They are right about few things in their promotional and they use it to build trust or what so ever
They talked about the massive business behind eye care and always, not providing the best and cheapest possible treatment.
The usual talks about conspiring to get more money from people’s pockets however I think the ones who made the product are somehow doing the same.
Wearing glasses can deteriorate you vision more ! may be true.
restore my vision today review-glasses
What will you actually get?
  • An e-book that do give great knowledge about the eye, anatomically, physiologically, pathologically. Then talks daily habits that weaken eye sight and how to get rid off it and about needed nutrition for eyes. Then talks about few exercises to practice that can help preventing deterioration of your vision.
  • Charts for vision evaluation.
  • Music they say it helps in comforting your eyes !!
  • Many videos about exercises for your eyes.
  • Too many talks about Bates Method !!
Now, to my personal review
  • The information in the e-book is great and gives good knowledge about how the eye works and it’s pathological problems. And it’s nearly the only thing I got from the product.
  • They declare that you practise this Bates Method at your own risk. Which sound very stupid. They actually don’t know if this Bates Method will work or not. They actually are not sure if it safe or not.
So, does it work?
  • It can give you some valuable information to keep your eyes healthy. But restoring your vision is pure blah,blah.
  • Gives good background knowledge about eye physiology and pathology.
  • Notify about some bad daily habits that actually affect vision with some simple tricks to quit these habits.
  • They offer 60 days money back guarantee.
  • Shady product
  • They don’t trust their Bates Method, How can I trust it?
  • Their website and server for the products keeps going down so they go and make other one. Actually, the link I purchased through is down now.
  • Have no scientific approval.
  • They don’t really offer big value.
About these kinds of products
All you will get from this products is only few information about the pathological problems. There are many products working the same way claiming they offer a solution for tinnitus, cellulite, even diabetes. And they are just like all pharmaceutical companies, aiming for your pockets.
Think twice before buying any of these products.
Share your experience and doubts and don’t forget to share and let people know the truth.

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