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Pi Like mobile apps to mine cryptocurrency
Pi Like mobile apps to mine cryptocurrency

Pi Like mobile apps to mine cryptocurrency

Since Pi Network has emerged and got so much attention and promising to be better than Bitcoin, many people are searching for similar apps. Here are some of them. There will also be some very important info after the list. Don’t forget to read to the end. Let’s go!

Pi Network

  • This is where you can mine Pi coins which are supposed to be very expensive “314k USD”
  • Pi network already has millions of members and Pi coins are being traded at crypto exchanges as IOU
  • Register at Pi network and download the app
  • Referral code: Mr3dds

Ice Network

  • Ice Network is the second to the list because it is very professional in my view. The app is great and always working. KYC is easy to complete.
  • You get bonuses for mining from your level 1 and level 2 referrals.
  • You get notified before the timer ends by 12 hours.
  • Inactive members will lose their balance gradually. So, always be active.
  • Distribution will start soon. So, now is a good time to join.
  • Register at Ice Network
  • Referral code: Mr3dds

Omega Network

  • Their token is already listed as OMN.
  • You can mine the token in 24-hour sessions and increase your rate by referring other new members.
  • Join Omega Network
  • Referral code: Mr3dds

Avive Network

  • Avive Network is also listed on the OKX exchange recently.
  • You can mine their token easily and anytime. You don’t have to wait 24 hours.
  • Join Avive Network
  • Referral code: tw4p39

TC Network

  • You can mine the token every 6 hours.
  • You will have to watch an advertisement when you activate your session.
  • Join TC network

Mine PHI

  • You can mine the PHI tokens every 24 hours.
  • Join Mine PHI
  • Referral code: Mr3dds

Star Network

  • This one is a little complicated. You have to mine the tokens and also get tickets from draws to exchange your mined tokens for realized tokens.
  • You will have to see many ads in this app
  • Join Star Network
  • Referral code: Mr3dds

Atoshi Global

  • Atoshi Global has many ways to mine new tokens and a lot of advertisements to get these new tokens.
  • They also have a Tik Tok similar platform for short videos where you can earn Atoshi tokens for watching or uploading videos.
  • Join Atoshi global
  • Referral code: XGA4J9


  • You can mine CIO tokens on daily sessions and you can get some more rewards for watching some ads.
  • Join Opencur
  • Referral code: Mr3dds


  • Bondex is a network for searching and finding jobs in the crypto field.
  • You can mine bond points daily.
  • Join Bondex Network

Azen Connect

  • Azen Connect has two tokens, O2 and zEna.
  • You can mine them by daily sessions and doing some social network tasks.
  • Join Azen Connect
  • Referral code: LN7A5U

Eagle Mining Network

  • You can mine the token in daily sessions. You can also catch up by purchasing a cheap power-up to make it easier and faster to get some tokens and KYCed.
  • Join Eagle Mining Network
  • Referral code: Mr3dds

Athene Network

  • You can get daily gems which you will convert to tokens later.
  • One good thing about their app is you don’t have to wait 24 hours. You can start a session at any time.
  • Join Athene Network
  • Referral code: e05fbf3cde

Amino Move Network

  • You can mine Amino tokens by daily sessions and convert your daily steps to tokens with a 10000 steps limit daily.
  • Join Amino Move Network
  • Referral code: Mr3dds100

XPlus Network

  • You can mine XCoin every 6 hours and you can boost your mining rate by shaking your phone 🙂
  • You will later convert these XCoin to XPlus coins.
  • Join XPlus Network
  • Referral code: Mr3dds

Notcoin Network

  • Notcoin is a Telegram bot to mine Notcoin by clicking.
  • You need to click many times and rent an auto collector on the platform.
  • Join Notcoin Network

Over Wallet

  • You get daily rewards which you can stake for more rewards
  • Join Over Wallet
  • Referral code: VNOF3IFEFU


  • You can earn MGO tokens through daily sessions, web searches, and mobile shaking 🙂
  • Join Minego
  • Referral code: Mr3dds

Now, Let’s talk about the tips

Nothing is completely free in life and nothing is perfect. So, some of these projects will be successful and some may be a failure. You need to do a few things to be rewarded.

  • Follow the news about these projects on their social network accounts
  • Refer your family and friends to earn more and be quick to tell others about them
  • Always do your sessions
  • Most of them need an invitation. So, post your referral code anywhere you can starting with their social accounts on Facebook, X, etc
  • Complete KYC as soon as possible

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