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How To Get Direct Referral – Free Guide
How To Get Direct Referral – Free Guide

How To Get Direct Referral – Free Guide


In this post, we will be classifying methods for getting direct referral
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Let’s dig in
  • Free: Which you pay no money at all
  • Paid: Which you pay someone to get referrals for you or do advertising.
Let’s talk about how to get direct referral completely free. Different levels of experience affect what method you can use. Some methods need some skills, others don’t.
There are many free ways to promote a link and here is a list:
  • Talk about what you are promoting at forums.
  • Post about it at your blog or website.
  • Put your referral link in your forums signature.
  • Put your referral link in your emails signature.
  • Submit your referral link in traffic exchanges.
  • Comment on websites and blogs related to what you are promoting.
  • Post at related Facebook groups.
  • Set your social network account and leave few words about what you are promoting.
  • Optimize your free blog for search engines and choose the best keyword related to what you are promoting.
  • Write your honest reviews at forums and blogs and leave your link within.
  • There are still other free ways to get direct referrals. So make more deep searches and you will always find a new ways.
Now, let’s talk about paid methods to get direct referral
  • You can advertise at social networks, search engines like google, bing, yahoo, facebook, twitter, Pinterest.
  • You can purchase ads in websites that provide similar services to the ones you are promoting.
  • You can ask someone to get direct referrals for you at freelancer, fiverr, and similar websites.
  • Start building your mail list.
google adwords
facebook ppc
Rules you have to follow while promoting:
  • Never spam.
  • Always read forums rules for posting and signatures before doing any of them.
Few key points you must know “very important”:
  • Don’t promote the income opportunity only but promote both service, product, and income opportunity.
  • Put what you are promoting in front of people who needs it.
  • Try to be relevant as much as possible.
  • Always help your leads and prospects.
  • Lead capture pages and splash pages usually convert better.
  • Success starts with a wise choice for what to promote.
  • Don’t promote something for someone who doesn’t need it.
  • Aim for active direct referral, not just any referral.
  • Referral who upgrade and refer is much better than a lazy referral.
  • Always search for new methods.
  • Ask successful people in your niche for help.
And Finally I wanna recommend three great communities that will help you a lot:
Share your methods of getting new direct referrals with us in comments 🙂

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