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Get Paid To Click Sites Review
Get Paid To Click Sites Review

Get Paid To Click Sites Review

I would like to start by telling that Paid To Click sites were the first way I heard about making money online easily as everyone who promotes them never said the truth and always tend to make it easy as pushing a button.


Firstly what is paid to click?

  • It is a service provided by some sites where you will get paid few cents when you open the ads present in that PTC site. You can also purchase traffic to your link/s at that paid to click site.


How does it work?

  • When an advertiser purchase and advertisement and pay the PTC site some money. The PTC website put that ad in the system. So when a PTC site member goes to the ads page, he will click this ad and watch it for a few seconds ” length of ad depend on purchase “.
  • After the seconds counter reach zero, the member will earn from 0.001$ to 0.02$ ” depending on the PTC site system.


Is that all?

No, there is more to come. Nowadays, these paid to click sites have evolved and put more stuff to make it better as:

  • Paid to sign up offers: where you can get referrals as advertiser or money for completing a sign-up offer as a member.
  • Tasks: where you can earn money for completing simple tasks.
  • Affiliate program: where you will earn more money when you refer active referrals. You will receive payments for their activity, purchases, upgrades.


Is there something else to know?

There are two very important things to know:

  • First: too many scammy PTC sites are out there. So you must choose wisely the paid to click site you wanna advertise or invest money or time at.
  • Second: you must know how to make good earnings from it.


How to be successful with PTC sites?

  • Choose the PTC site wisely depending on its reputation and age and members’ reviews.
  • Try to know everything about the paid to click site, you will join and keep updated about what is happening and what the owner is doing.
  • Be active and start using your referral link to refer as many new members as possible as this is the most crucial part to success.



It isn’t easy nor free nor fast way to make money online.

It is a slow way to make money online. It also needs either massive effort to build massive downline or enormous investment to advertise your link or rent referrals. Or spend long years slowly building down-line that could help you get just small income.


So, to address PTC’s cons:

  • Needs money or long time or massive effort.
  • Too much unreliable PTC sites out there which means it isn’t a trusted business may be except the most famous ones as neobux and clixsense.


But to be fair there are good thing in PTC as well:

  • Only a few minutes needed daily to make your earnings from the PTC ‘ if you have two thousand active direct referrals at neobux or clixsense you can earn about 50-100 bucks a day spending only five minutes a day’ but you can earn far more if you have 100 premium referrals here at WA which isn’t as easy as getting PTC referral.
  • PTC also offer fast massive traffic source that could be utilized in a good way to make some sales. Usually getting referrals rarely getting a sale.
  • Its simplicity is good.


I am an active member at neobux and clixsense having few hundreds down-line which earning me enough to pay my bills and few more.

I will remain active at neobux and clixsense and also telling my downline and my referrals how to and much earnings could be earned from PTC.

I wish I was fair enough to PTC as my starting point in my online business journey.

Thanks For stopping by and reading my words and visiting my site

Please, share your experience.

Wishing everyone the best, Good luck

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