First, let me introduce myself. My name is Mahmood, I am 31 years old Egyptian fellow. I am a graduated veterinarian but I am not practicing veterinary medicine anymore. I am full time online entrepreneur.

I was just living my live and passing my days aimlessly, when suddenly something happened that woke me up from my aimless life. I started to evaluate my life and my responsibilities.

This change was actually love. When I felt true love for the first time, I was faced by the fact that I have to be a good man which seemed very difficult at the time. So, I started thinking “how to be a good man”

Since I live in a religious society, the first thing came to my head is to abide my religion. Soon, I found this to be just very shallow thoughts. But, this was after I learned a lot about my religion. And there were few things that I didn’t like.

But, it was shocking to that these things I didn’t like about religion was defended fiercely by society and the ones who represent religion. So, I wanted deeper thoughts which lead me to philosophy.

In philosophy I found a lot of great things with some bad things too. So, I wanted more. So, I searched more and more and reached what I consider now a good answer.

This answer is the idea of this website.

The Idea

I want to share the answer I reached. However, I want to share it in a way that makes it possible to reach the mind of other. The answer was so simple that a lot of people wouldn’t like it and sometimes hate such answers.

So, I had to do something a little big that people can see its results and feel the outcome of such thoughts. So, I started this website about three years ago.

But due to life and work I couldn’t manage the website regularly. Recently, I quit my job and now I am full time CuringHuman working. I am doing everything on my own. So, we still don’t have any team yet. It is just me for now.

However, I want a good community for such thoughts to spread. That’s where blockchain came in. I am using blockchain technology to build a good community and spread the answer with real proofs of what we can do with this answer. 


A lot of websites and services talk about doing what I have just written. But, I wanted to be different. That’s where blockchain fits.

I have issued an ERC20 token on Ethereum blockchain. This token will act as an eternal ticket for its holders to access all the content on

This token will be freely distributed to users. All you have to do is to register at CuringHuman and fill your Ethereum address and we will send the tokens to you.

Thanks for blockchain this can be done easily and free and with a way to earn profit too.

These tokens can be traded at cryptocurrency exchanges. So, if you didn’t like what we are doing you can sell your tokens or you can get more tokens and sell them.

We will also earn a revenue from the website. We will share this revenue in ETH for our token holders.


You can find the token details at this link

I have issued this large number to support my website to be big.

I am not going to sell these tokens. So, I am not going to price tag it now nor later. The price will be put by the holders when they decide to sell.

So, this is not one more ICO project. Tokens will be distributed freely in airdrops and bounties only.

Token Distribution

There will be four ways to get our tokens.

Airdrops: Doing very simple tasks as registering and following on social media.

Bounties: Helping us to spread the idea.

Staking: Holding your tokens for three months will give you 10% of what you hold.

Contests: Will hold trading contests at some of the exchanges we will enlist our token at. We will also hold some gaming contests like chess tournaments and mobile games contests. “Tokens + ETH”


1st Quarter  2019

  • Homepage design
  • Content building
  • Whitepaper
  • Token issuing
  • Registration opening
  • Airdrop starts
  • Bounties start

2nd Quarter 2019

  • Community expansion

3rd Quarter 2019

  • Token enlisting
  • Trading contests
  • Gaming contests

4th Quarter 2019

  • Public events