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Mentality – Motives
Mentality – Motives

Mentality – Motives

Hello, dear friend. If you just came to this post ,I strongly recommend reading the first post to get an idea about what we are trying to say.

In the last post, we tried to talk a little about the first background which we don’t have a lot of choices and no influence on, of course.

Now we are going to talk about the first steps for our life philosophy creation

Finally, we are here on this little green-blue planet called earth. Which we didn’t choose as we all know.

Also, I am here in Egypt, my sweet lovely country. But, is it sweet and lovely?

Of course it is and that’s because it is my home. It is where I grew up and my loved ones are living in. So, no doubt, I will always love my country. We all does.

We love our countries because they are the best. But, if I was born in Italy, would I love Egypt? I don’t think so.

Why we love our countries?

After our birth in whatever place in the universe, we got in direct contact with our birth place and people living there. And we all think that we must protect our home and stay in it. For some reason 🙂

Some people live in dangerous places and they call home and love and don’t leave it while risking their own life. Some people lived near active volcanos And others are living in very bad weather places and are living very difficult lives there.

That’s because we consider our home as something we can’t change and must stick to or may be we see our homes as a belongings and we shouldn’t leave it because some one else may take it.

But, if I was born in a place and when I was one month of age I was transferred to other country and got this new country citizenship, Which country will I love and protect?

And my answer is

I never thought that our love for our countries is some thing we are born with. It is something we are told. We always are told by parents, family, neighbors, school, and society that we must love and protect our country.

But, I see countries as communities. I may like that community and may not like it. I don’t have to.

So, if I could see something I didn’t like about this community and find myself having tough time living there, I should search for another community.

Community I can like and live in. And I can leave my country to the community who is living there.

Every country does everything to keep their citizens loyal and present and the best way to do that is to do it on children because they are able of critical thinking yet. So, They craft our minds and thoughts in a way beneficial to the country.

Is this a bad thing?

It isn’t a bad thing. But, it is right.

This will make us feel less responsible for other countries and whole planet. We are all human and we should should care about each other without thinking about each other origins.

This also require some historical misleading. No country is teaching their children the bad things they did. Germans won’t tell their kids that they killed a lot of people and wanted to dominate the world. World domination is some thing I thought to exist only in movies and fairy tails. US won’t tell their children they killed a lot of Japanese people.

All countries try their best to deceive their children to make them believe they are are the country in the world. And we are the result of this trials.

Looking at any other country or race or beliefs disrespectfully means we are not human yet. And we are just a political product.

Story Short

Our Motives are shaped by our society not by our critical thinking. Our society will use school, college, church, mosque, house, family, neighborhood, and any mean to shape our motives and thoughts. All was done when we were little kids playing.

Our birth place will do any thing to convince use by our superiority of our religion, race, beliefs, language, rights, and every possible thing. It won’t also let us try to change any thing of it.

We are mentally fucked since birth and we must wake up,

So, are you talking the red pill or the blue pill? 

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